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What We’re Looking Forward to in Home News

February Home News

Hello! Welcome to or back to the Taylor Fencing blog. It’s a magical place – at least we believe so, as do the many current customers that we’ve been fortunate to serve in our tenure as the best place around to work with on your fences and gates. This has been no small feat. We make sure that we remind our employees of that on a regular basis, be it a quick compliment, a commitment to supporting work-life balance or celebrations as we’re able.

There are a lot of things that bind our teammates together. For one, we know how important security and safety are. We’ve seen or heard the horror stories of those whose homes haven’t been properly cared for and the many detriments that it can have. When your property is infiltrated and you’re caught off guard, the impacts are both financial and emotional. Sometimes you don’t know which is worse, but the Taylor Fencing team knows that neither is any sort of fun.

Our teammates care about each other and we care about the work. We care about learning, and we care about sharing. So, it’s about that time. Time, as our longtime customers know for our monthly recap of the important news in and around the Web that we believe you should be aware of. To be clear, we wouldn’t be the experts we are if we didn’t remember that a fence is one (integral) part of your dream home. So, this news never focuses solely on our products, instead looking at the broader picture. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s going on in the industry this month:

The ‘World’s Most Expensive Home’

Hey, we have to start and aim high – right? It’s insane the number of homes around the world that are really changing the game as far as what’s seen as a normal amount to pay, to rent, etc. The barometer has been raised and its fun for us to if not dream, then at least think about what makes a home more expensive than another. It’s the little things, right? It’s the small fixture adjustments that can speak to the curb appeal of a property versus the demise of the value of the property over time. Well, while we can totally get into the logistics in a different post, today – let’s talk about that high bar… who is raising it and how. It’s time for our unveiling of “the World’s Most Expensive Home” and you can check it out and learn more here.

How to Set a Budget for Buying Your First Home

While we may have already shared this article, there’s no reason to not share it again and in a different way. There’s no way to pay for the home that you want you and the next generations of your family to live in without budgeting. No one said it would be fun. No one even necessarily said it would successful. Regardless, you’re going to have to do it and the Taylor Fencing team wants to make it as easy as possible. Weird, right? You don’t normally hear that from the contractors that you work with in your area or on the very important projects that you’re excited to complete. But we’re out here, and we’re here to help make budgeting the easiest that it can possibly be. Don’t worry – this doesn’t require an extensive list of spreadsheets, or honestly everything else. The Taylor Fencing team always wants to make things as easy as possible. Want more information? This is your hub that we support and you can already reach out for more information.

Tips to Take Your Garden to the Next Level

Landscaping will always be tough. Either you’ll love the landscaping that already exists there, you’ll want to create brand-new landscaping for one reason or another, or you’ll believe that landscaping is not an important investment that will contribute to the value of your home. We appreciate all of the above, but are excited to dispel the rumors. Guess what? You can do it with far less money than you think you need to – as long as you have resources like us. And we will always, always, be there. But if you need anyone other than us, here you go. Read on for more information.

Soothing Paint Colors

There are fewer things we need right now than soothing surroundings. I mean, after all, how on earth can you possibly know whether the place where you’re going to live is going to be one that you can appreciate, not just now, but always – for generations and generations. We believe in homes that will be around for not just now, but forever, and that means a few things and adjustments that we or contractors we’re friends with, can be friends with on. Who knew that paint colours would be one of these things, but they are. Who also knew that paint colours had such a science behind them, but they do. Ready for some soothing ones that you’ll love, even if you’ve had the most stressful of days, no problem – we’ve got you. Where to read? Right here, Taylor Fencing blog readers.

Lastly, a bit from the Taylor Fencing team. We want to know exactly what you’re looking for in the year of 2021. We know that 2020 was a tough one for so many reasons and there are so many exciting events in the year up ahead that you’d either like to hear about, you have questions about or you have constructive criticism about. If you’re newer to the blog, you’ll know that we have absolutely no separation between all of the above, bring it on. The good, the bad, the opportunities. We see no difference. Emails? Calls? In-person? All of the above. We’re ready for you. Thank you, Taylor Fencing blog readers. As we’ve said before, it’s going to be a great year.

* Image source: Los Angeles Magazine