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March Home News

March Home NewsIf you’re anything like the team at Taylor Fencing, we’re pretty sure that you need a break from any news associated with the Corona virus. Our hearts go out to all of those impacted, as well as their families and loved ones; it hasn’t been a fun month. It would be irresponsible if we didn’t reiterate the advice that you’re seeing all over the news – wash your hands, use your best judgment, don’t do any more traveling than you need to. It should also be shared that we’re taking this sort of advice very seriously – important when we’re interacting with our valued community of customers, working with our hands and spending time at your homes. You can rest assured that you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to the Taylor Fencing team. If anything, we’re hoping to continue to put your minds at ease.

There are an abundance of ways that we like to do this. We like to be there to answer all sorts of questions that you may have – not just about your fences and gates, but about your home in general. We like to proactively reach out and know that you’re getting the best customer service possible. And we love – LOVE – to share information. It started with watercooler talk, the sort that you do after a long day at work. We’d discuss the different types of properties that we’d worked on that day and the ways that we think we could have done things differently. We talk about new and improved materials and processes that we know will impress our customers. That’s where it all started, but believe us- our conversations have evolved. They’ve evolved so much that we knew that there was a great opportunity to build out a piece of our site where we could showcase everything that is going on in the industry. For those unfamiliar, that means that once a month, we do a home news roundup and today is the lucky day. Interior design? We’ve got it. Landscaping? Of course. Many of the key stories that you need to know can be found right here. Read on for more information:

Landscaping Inspiration from Public Gardens

Our premium fence solutions line some of the most beautiful gardens and yards in the world. If they don’t already, they can serve as the best inspiration. Why? You may ask. Because, depending on what style of fence you choose, passersby will enjoy a sneak glimpse into your landscaping. No one wants to invest in a premium fence if the land immediately adjacent needs a significant amount of love. A lot of us just don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing exactly how to design your land. But, sometimes, the answers are far easier to find than you may imagine. In this case, experts recommend that you look no further than your local, public parks or gardens. They’re strategic, they’re (hopefully) cost-effective, they’re creative and they’re an easy way to do your own market research. Do you go to a particular park that you enjoy more than others? You may want to emulate that at home. Are there elements of your local park that really just don’t do it for you, then there’s your answer as to what to avoid when you design your own. Check out this link for more information.

Learn All About Fire-Resistant Landscaping

Fire is a four-letter word that we’re sure most of us are sick of hearing this year. In fact, we are fairly certain that it’s a word that you are sick of hearing any year at all. It’s impacted dozens of areas of our respective lives, none so much as the nature right outside of our windows. Well if there’s anything to be said about a tragedy, it does bring people together. In this particular article, it’s experts offering an array of classes and workshops that focus on the best ways to fireproof your landscaping. You’ve worked hard enough on it; you should be able to keep it around and in tip-top shape as long as you possibly can. How to avoid toxic chemicals? The best trees to provide shade without getting in the way of your view? You can even learn how to grow your own berries or build a natural habitat for local animals. All of these are areas of expertise that the Taylor Fencing team can get onboard with. Visit the Website here for more information.

2020 Trends in Home Design

Trends in home design are a moving target, ever changing and evolving. What may be popular now may be egregiously tacky in ten years. Conversely, and similar to trends in fashion, what may once have been something to make fun of, could now be the trend that experts and consumers alike are vying for. There are some that we know aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and those make this list as well. Biggest surprise? Not sustainability. Sustainable building and design will only continue to increase their presence and we’re totally fine with that. Technology is another ongoing theme in these lists, which again – we’re a big fan of. We have some of the best motorized gates around and we love tinkering with the design of our products, so that the user experience is optimal for our customers. Boot rooms may have been our favourite up-and-comer on this list – a great utility space to keep equipment, gear and clothing out of the way when you return home after a long day. Colours was another call-out. According to this article: “The Pantone 2020 colour of the year for 2020 is the elegant ‘19-4052 Classic Blue’, while Milan Design Week showcased bolder shades of lemon yellow, pumpkin red, fuchsia, and sky blue.” You can learn all about these trends and many others in this article, found here.

We hope we’ve piqued your interest, not only to continue coming back to visit the Taylor Fencing blog, but also to get after some of the above projects or follow the inspiration. Questions on any? Be sure to let us know.