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March Home Renovation News

We look forward to posts like these many look forward to different holidays. Luckily for us, they happen once a month, so we never have to wait too long. Unfamiliar? You may be newer to the Taylor Fencing blog. The Taylor Fencing team offers the best and most robust range of offerings when it comes to fences. We have for years. There are a lot of pieces that go into the process and the reason that we feel so confident about announcing our pride for our success. But the most important piece of the puzzle is you. We care deeply about our customers and want to not only share the best customer service around, we want to give you the resources to make all of the right, well-educated and thought out decisions related to your home. Enter… the blog! We share all sorts of information on this blog, but once a month we take a good, hard, long look at what’s going on in home news at large. Read on for our favourite finds over the past 30 days:

Local Company Working on Project of Love for 7-Year-Old Plymouth Girl

It always warms our hearts to start with feel good stories. Yes, anything construction, landscaping, architecture and interior-design related is probably based in the business model of the company, but in a day and age when so many depressing news is shared on a regular basis, we are seeing an optimistic uptick in companies wanting to give back and do the right thing. It’s storytelling and events in this vein that remind us why we do what we do – pursue a mission to keep our customers safe, happy and comfortable. This construction company shares the same views and transformed the home of 7-year-old Abby MacCurtain. Abby is challenged by Leigh Syndrome, which limits her ability to move around her home and her day-to-day activities. Thanks to New England Design and Construction, she can now enjoy her home just like all of the other children that are her age. You can learn more about this inspirational story at this link.

Leaning into Construction Safety

March Home Renovation NewsIt would next behoove us to ensure that we’re always including information about industry best practices, what sets us apart from others and the tremendous amount of value that we give to safety and comfort in the workplace. We just mentioned it as our mission for you, but what we didn’t share is that it’s just as important for our teammates. The Taylor Fencing team always takes great care to stay up to par (if not beyond) on the areas of opportunity for safety in the workplace. We take regular trainings, read up on applicable information, share constructive feedback and anecdotes of success and in general, just really support each other. So, while this article isn’t specific to one particular experience, it’s a great informational reminder of how we can all come together and make incremental decisions that ensure that we come to work in a safe way, perform the work in a successful way, and head home for the day in the most satisfied way. You can read more about this informational story at this link.

More Women Choosing Careers in Construction

Happy Women’s History Month! In fact, the world just celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8. Celebrations rang loud and long around the globe, with many different organizations championing females. Construction was no exception, and we were thrilled to see how many different stories we found that championed the increase of women in this workforce. Women in Construction launched their own event, in fact – Women in Construction Week, which just wrapped up. Its goals were many and each were met. To raise awareness of the opportunities that women have, to promote those who have been prolific in the space and to talk about how far this body of work has come. It was hard to pick just one article as women came together to tell their stories, but this was one of our favourites. You can read more about this amazing story at this link.

Gardening, Landscaping Timelines Delayed Due to Cold Streak

March Home Renovation NewsObviously, information like this is timely and sensitive to the area of the world which it discusses, but the common theme is one that applies to all. You’re dealing with Mother Nature 365 days a year, and if your landscaping is important to you, it’s also important to you to be able to plan. Whether that means specific flowers or plants that won’t flourish, or if it’s a quick turn look at what elements are coming in and how that will affect your curb appeal, it’s all important information to have. The Taylor Fencing fences are your first impression for curb appeal, but we love when they complement landscaping that’s been done particularly well. So, we want to set you up for success and know that you have the tips and tricks to think ahead. In certain areas of the world, we’re seeing the effects of global warming. We’re seeing longer winters, hotter summers and lots of rain in the months in between. This means that it’s harder to plan for your landscaping, but not quite as much when armed with resources. You can read more about this informative story at this link.

While we aim to be comprehensive in our round-up of stories and information, there is always room for improvement in everything that we do. We want to keep you coming back to our Website and hopefully engaging with our team on every question you could possibly have. Are you interested in more interior design stories? Do you want to know the nuts and bolts of our favourite products on a more regular fashion? We welcome this type of advice with open arms and in a variety of ways. Email? All about it. Phone? Pick it up and give us a call. In-person? We couldn’t ask for anything better as we truly try and get to know you. We hope to hear from you soon and offer you the best fence installation at the area, for the best price, with the best quality, that will truly last the longest time.

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