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May Home News

May Home NewsThere are many benefits to living in the areas that we do, but the number one that the Taylor Fencing team sees on a daily basis when we go to work, is the beautiful scenery that we’re surrounded by. Not everyone can say that. Some wake up every day, working towards living in environments that we tend to take for granted. So, we say, enough of that! We’ve been blessed with the natural beauty of the landscapes around us; let’s enjoy them and nurture them and celebrate them and share them with as many people as possible. Most of these are not difficult feats. “Okay, okay, twist my arm, I suppose I’ll come for a picnic in the countryside on a beautiful day,” is often a refrain that we hear from our family and friends. Additionally, this gives us the added opportunity and challenge to ensure that we’re properly taking care of the land on which we’re building our beautiful homes (and hopefully surrounding them with premium Taylor Fencing fences and gates). We need to know, understand, appreciate and want to learn more about everything in the area – be it homes inside and out, landscaping, working with different types of roles and personalities and more; Being a homeowner is a challenging task and the least the Taylor Fencing team can do is be your partner in crime in relation to making the smartest decisions possible. Even if we’re not seeing you in person or even jumping on a phone call (both of which we’re more than happy to do), these types of posts which we try to share on a regular basis are our call to action of what you should be aware of in the industry right now. We scour the internet and pick just a few of our favourite articles for you to pursue at leisure and hopefully design your current or future dream home. Read on for our number one picks right now:

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a bit of a funny topic for us Australians, because while everyone in the Northern hemisphere is gearing up for sunnier skies, we’re gearing up for much cooler temperatures. That shouldn’t stop the age-old practice of spring cleaning, in fact, away with any rumours that there even needs to be a date or season associated with a timeframe of taking a good look around your home, recycling or donating what hasn’t been used or loved in a while, and providing a truly deep clean to the entirety of your property, so that it feels good as new and you can basically enjoy a whole new home. But for the sake of this article, we’re sticking with the “spring cleaning” theme. Only, and this should feel like par for the course at this point, a new character has entered the scene… what’s its name? Technology. That’s right, we are now factoring technology into spring cleaning as its own whole body of work. It makes sense. We’re on our computers, our tablets, our phones far more than we’d like to admit and when we spend so much time interfacing with these – or even worse but equally prevalent, letting multiple people interface with these – it is easy to spread all sorts of germs. This article takes care of this challenge, walking us through exactly how to clean all of our gadgets and check that off of your list. Here is the link for a full look at the expert advice.

8 Basement Remodel Ideas

We love this next article because we’re of the opinion that the basement and its design is such a lost and missed art. It’s an entire space that many are not thinking about, using it instead as crawl space or storage. Both have their value and benefits, but it’s the same homeowners who are then turning around and building on top of their homes or out to the sides, spending unnecessary money, when they could simply redesign and update the spaces below. There are common misconceptions that these spaces can be cold, damp or even creepy, but the Taylor Fencing team would like to dispel all of this. The basement is what you make of it and this article has some great recommendations as far as how to renovate it. The first step is making it livable and we can provide all sorts of thoughts on contracts to work with… assessing the plumbing, the electrical, the lighting, the flooring. When it starts to come together as a livable space, you’ll be surprised at how inspired you are and what you’d like to do with it. There are no rules, it’s your home. Dance studio? Sure. Man den? Absolutely? A place to create your next work of art? Well, it may not have the light that you’re looking for, but it certainly will be square footage that you can use as you see fit. The great news is, you’re saving money AND adding value to the home at the same time. We can’t think of a better win-win. Here’s the article in its entirety.

10 Steps to Growing Your Dream Garden

We will never give anyone a hard time for struggling with building a garden. When your business is fences and gates, you’re outside on properties a lot. You see what’s really worked and you see what hasn’t. After all, if it’s worked particularly well, chances are good that you’ve had conversations with the Taylor Fencing team about showcasing the work to date. And if maybe you’ve run into a few hiccups along the way, well that’s okay too and we’re happy to work with you on fencing solutions that provide you a bit of an “Oz curtain” while you become the master gardener that you are. Australian soil can be tricky and this particular article knows that as well as many tips and tricks that hadn’t even crossed our minds. Of note, we love when this happens. Feel free to stump us as often as you’d like! If you think that this year is the year for you to embrace your inner horticulturist, then this article is for you. Check it out and let us know what you think!