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How We Navigate the Tough Challenges as a Team

How We Navigate the Tough Challenges as a TeamThe Taylor Fencing team has seen it all. We’ve seen odd animals out at unusual hours of the day. We’ve seen beautiful sunsets and sunrises, because we’re committed to working at all hours of the day. We’ve seen the most intricate screw-ups of existing fences on properties where we simply stare at them, wondering how they’ve come to that state. Yes, we know, we love fences more than we care to admit. We’ll never be cynical or desensitized to the experiences that we have with each other and that we have working with our customers, but we are aware of just how many there have been.

That’s not always the case with those you work with, in fact it could be argued that most don’t relish jumping out of bed and heading into work with a smile on your fence. It’s part of the reason that we make a point of sharing such varied content on the Taylor Fencing blog.

You’ve probably seen posts similar to this one before on the site, and that will continue to be the case. It’s never the same tips and tricks, although there are certainly best practices and reminders that will make us sound like a broken record at times. It’s turn-key for us to discuss the ins and outs of all of our different fence and gate styles. It’s easy for us to use the inspiration we find from across the industry and craft articles filled with motivation for you to be an expert about your property and tackle that next project. Remember, it doesn’t just stop at fences. We’ll talk shop about any room in your home, maintenance you be forgetting in relation to your exterior and even the most sustainable plants that you could pot right now and not worry about for a year.

But there’s a special place in our hearts when we get to share blog posts about our team, our culture, our strategy and our priorities. Given that we’re about to head into a new calendar year, we’re sure you’ll be learning lots about both what worked in 2020 and how we’re planning to grow.

You have to go through some of the toughest challenges to learn how to grow. There’s a reason that the saying, “it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it” is so popular. There’s no reason why challenges should be so scary as long as you’re equipped with the right tools and honestly… people. Here’s how the Taylor Fencing team navigates the tough challenges that are thrown our way:

  • We acknowledge the challenge. We know that we don’t know everything, but we learn more and more with each job. Those learnings include really tough challenges and it’s important to put our hands up and take accountability as appropriate. Mistakes happen… they have to. You can tell the difference between managers and leaders, and this is a great behavior that they exhibit.
  • We don’t place blame, but we offer solutions. We’ll try not to overdo it on the sports analogies, but another good one is “you’re only as good as the worst person on the team.” That’s oversimplifying and we would never use the term ‘worst person the team’, but it is a good reminder to push each other, versus hurting each other. Providing support and soothing sore egos is one thing, but offering learnings and ways to mitigate challenging situations is better for both parties. Giving advice can be tough, especially dealing with different types of personalities. Receiving advice can be even tougher, but it’s vital to build up a tough skin, especially working in this industry.
  • We know that we’re all busy, that we all have personal lives, that we’re all stressed and tired, etc. It’s so easy to assume that you live a more hectic life than your teammates. It’s simple to assume that no one has it as rough as you. This is a very slippery backslope, because these teammates start to bring this emotional mindset into the workplace. Check it at the door. And remind yourself that everyone’s lives are different. One of our Taylor Fencing team may be happy and light one week and downtrodden the next. The safest bet of course here is that we aim to bring our best selves to work, remain compassionate if others aren’t having the best weeks and try to find that work life balance to minimize stress and ensure that we can focus on the job at hand.
  • That brings us to our next challenge – find that work-life integration. We know we just said work-life balance, but for more and more of us, that term is outdated. It’s hard to check out of work, head straight into more relaxing and fun activities and start the same cycle over the next day. Maybe even with a little sleep in there! Well hey, if you’ve been able to achieve this, we definitely want to talk to and learn from you. If not, as is the case with the vast majority of us, we aim for work-life integration. We set those gray zone boundaries where we’re available but not onsite. We tell each other when we just won’t be available at all. We also tell each other when we have extra availability to provide back-up for our teammates. There are fewer ways to seed good credit with your team than them knowing you have their back in a time of need.

We lucked out, that’s for sure, looking at the different types of personalities and skill specialties on our team. But we keep using the word team for a reason. Tough challenges can always be handled by individuals. But they’re solved much faster, probably at a lower cost and certainly at much lower levels of stress.

Questions? Reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. If we didn’t hammer home the point strong enough, you can tell that we’re looking forward to hearing from you.