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Where Do I Need a Fence? A 2020 Refresher

Where Do I Need a FenceEvery year the Taylor Fencing team thinks about the 365 days ahead. What are we going to learn? What are we going to change? And probably the most pertinent for this audience, what are we going to share on our Taylor Fencing blog to help educate you about the ways that you take a creative role in the process and make your house the home that it should be for you and those closest to you. Right now, we’re spending a lot of time with those closest to us and we have a lot of time to think about the information that both new visitors and veterans would benefit from. Sure, the name of our site is Taylor Fencing and that certainly means that we’re the best in the business if you’re looking to install a premium fence or gate solution. But, a lot of companies could say that. And a lot of companies could give us a run for our money (the competition is one of our favourite things about being in the industry)… But not a lot of companies could measure up to our ongoing customer service – redefining how we can educate, inform and engage you, long after the job is done.

In that spirit, we’re going back to our roots today. We do this on an annual basis – sometimes more frequently – because foundational excellence, both for you and for us, is based on mastering the basics. And in this post, that means that we’re thinking through the best places to use fences, why and which ones. Read on for more information and spread the word!

Most pick up the phone initially for fences or gates because they need one to guard their property. They might also have a bit of an eyesore as a current fence that they’re looking to remove and update. These are a big chunk of the calls, emails and visits that we get. There are obviously questions to think about here. First of all, what is the style of architecture of your home? You need to do it justice, but this is also your home – so there’s a balance to strike. You may have purchased a quaint Victorian-style cottage, but you have an affinity for modern fences… that’s your prerogative. Don’t let the style of fence ever hold you back.

Focus instead on the functional components of a fence that lines your perimeter. We’ve discussed this before, but you’ll want to give your neighbours on all sides of the property line a heads up. Otherwise, you could be dealt hefty fines and the work could be halted. Also, think about what you’re trying to protect. Especially if your property is close to the street, you may want a taller fence so that those that are walking by can’t see into the windows that show your common spaces. If it’s further away and/or you have landscaping that you’d like to highlight, you’ll probably want to focus instead on fences with shorter profiles. These can all be subjective qualifications for your choice, but the bottom line in keeping with the subject of this post – you need a fence around the perimeter of your property.

The next place you may need a fence is if you have animals. We’re not discriminating here, we’re talking about all shapes and sizes, luckily, we have solutions for each. We do a lot of work with more rural properties where owners keep horses, cows or other farm animals. These are definitely precious and we understand the importance of keeping them safe and secure. It did use to be the norm to only have one blanket type of fencing for animals, but we’ve learned lots of nuances over time. We’ve learned that there are different types of fences that cater to different types of animals and their unique needs. Some animals may need and/or feel more comfortable with more visibility outside of the enclosure; in this case, fences like the aptly named “rural fencing”. Others may benefit more strongly if their enclosures have limited visibility like the COLORBOND fence, especially if they’re new or maybe acclimating to a new environment.

Where Do I Need a FencePools are also a hot topic when it comes to fencing needs. Pool areas should keep the right things in and the wrong things out. They should ensure that your pool is safely protected from any prowlers or adventurous visitors who have no business diving into your pool. Conversely, especially if you’re hosting a number of people (ahem, younger ones), you want to keep them as adjacent to the pool as possible to keep an eye on them. If you already have a fence around the perimeter of your property, here is where you can do a simpler takedown on a fence like the timber fencing or Merbau fencing. If there isn’t a fence around the outside of your home, then you’ll want to be a little bit more stringent about privacy. Otherwise, you’re simply asking passersby to visit whenever they please.

There are also important fence boundaries that you may want to set inside your own home. Our Website isn’t all-encompassing of these solution options, but it is a good place to start. The Taylor Fencing team doesn’t believe that fence and gate solutions can be confined to one page on a Website. We believe that they’re influenced by honest and extensive conversations with our experts about your needs, your vision, your timeline and your budget. We take all of these into account and that’s why we’re able to answer left-field questions you may have for us. And that means whatever challenge you can throw our way. Playpen for the kids? Yes, we can help you out with that. Fenced off area, specific to a hobby that you have? Not a problem.

The bottom line? The Taylor Fencing team can answer where you need a fence and exactly how to accomplish it.