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Neighbor Horror Stories

home renovation stress- Neighbor Horror StoriesDo you remember your last home renovation? It may have been recently, or many moons ago. It may have been a large scale demolition, or a minor interior design project. Regardless of the details and parameters, we’re willing to bet that there was at least a small degree of stress associated. The thing with home renovation stress is, they don’t just impact you.

They impact everyone around you, in one way or another. We’re talking about your family- the individuals who will also benefit from the renovation eventually, but for the foreseeable future, will have to deal with negative emotions first. We’re talking about your co-workers—the ones who you run to first thing in the morning, if only to put some distance between yourself and the home renovation, at least for a little bit of time. Lastly, we’re talking about your neighbors. Your neighbors are innocent bystanders in this process. They most likely will see little to no benefits from the home renovation work. They will however, deal with all of the short-term home renovation stress and negativity.

We’ve talked about neighbor etiquette on the Taylor Fencing blog before. It’s a topic that is near and dear to our hearts, because we’ve seen how badly things can go awry. Instead of focusing on tips and tricks today, we’d like to share a little levity if you don’t mind. We’d like to share some of the best horror stories that we’ve either been directly privy to, or have heard rumblings of urban legends. Let the horror… begin! (NOTE- names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

“Sarah and Jim had decided to expand their family, and were overjoyed when Sarah became pregnant with twins. This meant that additional bedrooms were needed, and they were needed in a hurry. Rather than give their neighbors a heads up, Sarah and Jim tore into the process, demolishing a good chunk of their home in the early hours of the morning. Neighbor Rosie, who suffered from migraines, was not pleased. Let’s just say, Sarah did not receive any baby shower gifts from Rosie when the time came.”

“Molly had owned her beautiful colonial-inspired home for more than ten years. She loved her home, she loved her neighborhood, she loved all of her neighbors. But something about the property just wasn’t right. Molly decided to up the ante on her landscaping strategy. Unfortunately, Molly didn’t take a look at the property lines and soon, a vast herb garden accidentally dominated her neighbors side yard. What could have been a civil conversation, became a screaming match for the ages.”

“The Smith’s had adorable kids—five of them. They regularly left their children alone in the afternoons to fend for themselves, always asking that they remain close by. “Close by” time and time again, turned into loud and raucous games, often demolishing statues and gnomes of a particular neighbor’s yard. Things came to a head when the same neighbor’s cat went missing. Though the cat was never found safe and sound, it’s safe to say that the Smith’s children may have had something to do with it. The Smith parents simply couldn’t take responsibility for their children’s actions, and ruined a perfectly good neighborly relationship.”