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Never Cleaned? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Never Cleaned - Everything You Need to KnowHow many times do you recall as young children being told to clean something? It could have been your room, a common space, a mess that you’d made or something at school or in a public location. You most likely were not thrilled with the idea. It’s an inert desire of us at any age to love making messes and creating. When it comes to restoring chaos back to its original state, there’s far less enthusiasm about reversing the mastery of whatever you just made. The Taylor Fencing team won’t necessarily dive into that psychology today, but we will completely commiserate that it’s way more fun to be messy, than it is to parse out hours once a week or even minutes on a daily basis to keep things glowing and shiny.

Let’s all go back to when we were at our messiest. Initially, the thought might have been that that would be in your formative teenage years, but that does feel a little judgmental. You may be at your most disorganized right now, whether because you’ve lost interest because you’ve moved into a new home, or because you were never properly educated on ways to keep your home, business or personal space in order. We can’t pretend to be the experts in this space; we tend to focus on the fences and gates that line the perimeter of your home, the materials that they’re comprised of, how to take care of those and why they’re important. But while we’re lucky to work with the best team in the business, your fence or your gate is just one or two pieces of your property, and our know-how can’t stop there.

Back to when we were at our messiest. You’re probably shaking your head a little bit, trying to get that memory (or memories) out of your head, but the Taylor Fencing team is here to dispel them entirely. It’s time to go back to basics, hit cleaning 101 and reenergize yourself about taking care of the space where you’re probably spending the most time right now.

First, up, it’s time to shop. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Make decisions ahead of the time if you think that it’s particularly important to you to invest in products that fall into a few, specific categories. You may be looking at shopping on a budget, or you may feel strongly about spending a higher-price point on certain items. You may be particularly emphatic about shopping at a certain location, giving back to small businesses or being entirely sustainable. All of these are really commendable, but remember that they’re personal decisions. It’s important to ask your neighbours (especially those with very tidy homes) what products and routines they take advantage of. But we like to equate this to asking friends for food recommendations or health recommendations when they might have a completely different aesthetic, taste or even allergies or food preferences from you. Ultimately, you should take their initial advice, but you should do what’s best for you.

So, take your time shopping. And check off the list. Here’s a good place to start:

  1. Swiffer or mop equivalent – you can also invest in an automated device like a Roomba or Dyson vacuum that works on different surfaces if you want, just remember that these are a greater investment. If you prefer something more wallet-conscious, a simple Swiffer or mop can help you with hardwood surfaces. Swiffer’s are great because they come with pre-treated pads that will pick up dirt and grime, whereas, with mops, you’ll need to create your own detergent to dip the mop in again and again to clean the floor.
  2. Broom – it’s best to sweep up dust bunnies, hair and larger items before you attack your floor with any sort of mop, it makes both steps much easier. If you decided to go the aforementioned Roomba route, you don’t need to worry about a broom.
  3. Vacuum – Again, any sort of automated device will negate the need for a vacuum, but if you’d like to save some money, you can opt for a much more cost-effective vacuum. There are so many different styles, types and sizes on the market, most of which can even be easily stored in smaller places or fold up for travel.
  4. Rags – These are not rags for your face, your body, or your dishes. They are solely to be used for the messes when a quick brush with the mop or broom isn’t quite enough. Keep a stack of these in an easily-accessible location and don’t worry too much when they get dirty. That’s their purpose!
  5. Scrubbing brush – Broom or mop couldn’t make it? Rags couldn’t cut it? It’s time to bring in the scrubbing brush, another necessity in the toolbox, but something that can be extremely inexpensive and easy to replace whenever you need.
  6. Cleaning liquids – It’s easy to go overboard here, especially with the saturation of the market. We recommend that you have one for your clothes, one for your dishes, one for your hands, and one for each type of surface you have in your home or business. For example, there are cleaners specific to wood, window cleaners and more. Finally, invest in an air or fabric freshener that you can use if you’re in-between cleaning days and just need to lighten things up a little bit.

We’re sure that experts would say that there are far more items that should be added, but we don’t want to overwhelm our novice cleaners right away. As long as you have a skeleton of the right items right there in your home and you carve out the time, you’ll start to see the benefits of properly cleaning your home on a regular basis. Not sold? You’ll eliminate allergies for those that are prone to them due to dust, you’ll feel better about inviting over loved ones, you’ll get a good amount of exercise in, you’ll save money where you might have spent it on a cleaning service and you’ll get that psychological high we discussed that you did something really good for you, your home and those around you.