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Another Round-up of Home Safety Tips

Another Round of Home Safety TipsIt’s about time for another post about home safety. After all, it’s a really important component of our business – some might say that it’s the most important element. Who starts a fencing company, without thinking through the reason that fencing is so important? For many, it’s elementary. Let’s keep animals out, let’s keep prowlers out. For others, it’s bigger than that. It means that you’re designing the barrier around your parameter of your property. And we know, that it needs to both look, and work well.

That’s pretty easy if you work with the Taylor Fencing team. We don’t think that there’s a trade-off, and we have no problem being a broken record about this topic. We’ve been in the business a very long time, and we plan to be in it for the long, foreseeable future. So, we have no problem with rebooting a lot of the general topics that we’re passionate about on a regular basis. One of those – as you may have imagined – is safety. And that’s what we’re diving into today.

It’s a new year, and it’s a new timeframe for the different tips and tricks that we’d recommend. Here are some of our new favorites:

  • Let’s start with cameras. This doesn’t just pertain to homes and businesses, a missed opportunity here is storage units. Cameras can be the best and most passed-over security system, because many think that they simply cost too much. For some models, that is the case. But, for the savvy shopper – if you do your homework, you’re in good hands. That means asking your neighbors, doing your research on the Web and ensuring that you don’t just settle on the first option that you find. We live in an epic age where the cameras that you can buy have very dynamic abilities, like long-distance view finding, or the ability to record content for more than 24 hours. These are all amazing components, just remember that cameras are reactive, not proactive, so they should just be a piece of the puzzle when it comes to home security.
  • This next one is our favourite and it’s for a good reason. Perimeter! Perimeter! Perimeter! What’s the point of having a good fence if you’re not thinking through the best way to line the most important line of defense at your property? We have so many different options on the Taylor Fencing Website, that there’s really not a good excuse to not have a good fence and gate to ward off intruders. It doesn’t matter what the style of your home is, we will always have a solution and the best team to help install and maintain.
  • Now we get into the really technology-forward stuff. It makes sense, when you think about the takeover that the internet is doing. It’s not just news anymore, it’s one of the most popular and smart ways to buy products. There are so many different and cool solutions that are on the market. One of them is infrared sensors. They have a bunch of different names. They can be called “motion sensors”, “line-of-sight sensors” or “laser sensors”. You see them frequently inside of your office, but that’s not the only place that they belong. These ones are designed for outdoors and for good reasons. In fact, if you have two that are coupled together – they tend to form a type of gate. If any intruder was to move between the two of them, it would trigger any type of alarm that you’ve set up. Just make sure that you have a three to ten-foot area of clear path around your fence, where they sit, which creates something similar to the “no fly zone”.
  • Electric fencing may be generally associated with pets, but that’s not the only think that it can help with. It can not only ensure that what should stay in does, but also what should stay out – should stay out! This is a little bit different than standard fencing, in the sense that it can be engineered from multiple parallel wires or mounted directly in front of your existing fence. You benefit because you get two different barriers – not only your existing fence, but also this added layer of security. Yes, it can be scary, if someone touches the fence. It can also scare your wallet – looking at $900 to $1,500 if this is the route that you want to go down. But the bottom line is that no one will feel comfortable wanting to infiltrate your property with one of these ready to go!
  • Finally, let’s move inside (and out) to talk common sense. Some of these tips are the toughest to remember, but the most important. You may have the most beautiful light fixtures in the land… but you should let burglars know that. If you have chandeliers or light fixtures that are a bit more on the bold side – we’re proud of you – but keep them out of sight and out of mind, so that you and loved ones can enjoy them. On the flip side, we hope that you keep low lighting at all time, so that your neighbors think that you’re always home.
  • That being said, grab a buddy. Just because you’re not at home late at night, doesn’t mean that anyone should know that. What’s the easiest way to dissuade those that you don’t want to come on to your property? Turn on low lights after a certain time and they’ll always think that your property is perfectly protected.

Home safety is tough – it means that you’re prioritizing the things and people that are most important. That’s the job of Taylor Fencing and we’ll always do it right.

Do you have questions? Do you have comments? We’re here for all of the above. Doesn’t matter if it’s by phone, doesn’t matter if it’s by email – the Taylor Fencing team is ready to hear from you in any way that makes sense for you.