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October 2021 Home News

Even though we have a new name, TFR Construction holds true to many of the same values and practices that we always have. Growth is important, right? There are fewer ways for a company to excel and move forward, than by both keeping a pulse on the industry in which they stand and also keeping a firm eye on the values that brought them that success in the first place. We SO value the customers that have brought us to where we are today and it’s only because of you that we’ve been able to finesse our strategy and expand the opportunities to offer you so many different services.

But, even with innovation and time, as we said, we need to hold true to some traditions, so you’re not going to get rid of our monthly home news roundups any time soon. In fact, we’re hoping that you can make them even better, using our abundance of feedback loops that we hope you take advantage of. Email? We check it regularly. Phone? We promise that we answer or call back very quickly. In-person? Yes, absolutely. It’s the best way to get to know our customers, their needs and answer their questions. With all that said, read on for our favourite finds from the past month:

The Best Local Authorities for Building Your Own Home

We’ve found more and more that our current and prospective customers want to either build their own homes from scratch or at least own the process of adding on to them slash tackling home renovation projects. We’re not sure if that’s because of COVID and the itch to get after a creative project or simply because you’re learning more and more (hopefully, predominately from us) about the options you have to own and then be super satisfied by the work, with the vision that you had in mind. Of course, there is the red tape, which we talk about frequently on the blog. It’s there for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not irksome and time-consuming when you just want to complete a project on schedule. This article is specific to England and the surrounding areas but reading through the different authorities and organizations that it recommends that you sync with as you’re kicking off and going through the process, are still helpful. Read more here for more information.

Build Your Dream Home Simulator With Rain Or Shine Golf

We had to throw this one in for our readers that love golf. And we’re willing to bet that there are more of you than you care to admit. Golf simulators have certainly taken off and are becoming a point of conversation when you’re designing your dream home or repurposing rooms in your home that may have laid empty for a while. While basements aren’t common in the area if you have one, you may as well put it to good use, right? Here is certainly a good solution.  Wives or husbands regardless of who golfs (or both, or the kids) will appreciate the first sentence of this article. It’s a bold statement that if you love golf, you’ll want to explore this as a solution. For those unfamiliar, a golf simulator is basically a screen and netted area (or contained area) where you can practice your swing without even leaving the home. To quote this article, “Every golfer, regardless of skill level or aspirations, wants a home golf simulator.  Somewhere they can take refuge after a hard day at work or privately squeeze in some practice swings.  The problem is identifying your space requirements and what system is best for you is a very daunting task.” Of note, this is a review for a specific company, but it can at least maybe help you decide if this is the right decision for you. Read more here.  

Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your New Home

The TFR team helps choose the right fence or gate (or many other things now) style for you, based on your preferences. And there are a lot of decisions that go into your dream home, including your floor plan. Where are you placing certain rooms? Which rooms will face each direction? Will they get the ample amount of sunlight that they need, or would you prefer that they didn’t? These are all questions that you and your household need to think through but remember that having worked on so many different properties, the TFR team is here for the long haul and ready to answer any questions. Okay, back to floor plans. How do you even begin to think through what these should look like, both for your current chapter of life and also for your next, should you choose to sell? We love articles like this because they break it down so easily and answer many of your questions. Tips and tricks about both now and the future can be found in this link here.

How To Hire A Fencing Contractor

We feel comfortable sharing this final article because it reinforces the best practices and the values that the TFR family holds when we’re invited to contribute to your property and build your dream fence or gate. It can be very tough to hire a fencing contractor – you need to look into their background, you need to think through cost and timeline, and these are themes that we’ll share on the blog again and again. We can’t reiterate enough ours – communication and customer service are key, and this Forbes article echoes. In fact, it reinforces what we’ve shared in the past… we fully support and encourage homeowners to get after their own projects, but there are some that are better suited to experts like ourselves. Qualifications, training, inspections, credentials on hand – no matter who you work with, these should be items that are assumed and available at the very first appointment to survey your land and determine the best, and most customized decision for you. Read more here.

We love sharing these articles that make us so passionate about what we do, but like we said, please always let us know if you have questions, comments, or most importantly – needs.