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October Home News

October Home NewsThere are few constants in the world right now, but as always, you can depend on a few with the Taylor Fencing team. There are also so few things that we like to repeat this incessantly, but it’s important to us that our customers (both current and prospective) know that they can depend on us – always, and no matter what. Quality of materials? Check. An ever-evolving amount of options for premium fences and gates? Check. A team that can’t be shaken and will be there for you no matter what? Check, check and check. And if you’re looking for a Website that will make you feel grounded and remind you that there are good and smart things happening today, you can always learn about the latest and greatest in industry news right here on the Taylor Fencing blog. We threw out the towel a long time ago on the thought that fences and gates are all that we’re good for. What are the fences surrounding? Hopefully a beautiful, safe and comfortable home or business. What are the gates protecting? The very same. Okay, we’re done asking you questions for the day. Instead, let’s get to what matters today – the industry news that can help inform all of the smart and important decisions that you’re making for your property. Read on for more information.

The Biggest Landscaping Mistakes You’re Making This Fall

Escapism is wonderful and can be defined by millions as binge-watching shows ranging from very eloquent and thought-provoking to enjoyable and that’s all that matters. There’s value in all of the above, a great way to leave your day-to-day stressors and allow your mind to get away. It is great if they’re both enjoyable and educational, as this show is. Backyard Envy has been around for a couple of seasons and the premise is that a woman and two men are best friends, combine forces and design and execute some of the best landscaping we’ve ever seen. They started their business in New York City, so you can imagine that they’re working with smaller areas, but have expanded since then. This article has some of the biggest mistakes that they’ve noticed when working with clients… so you can avoid them. While this article calls out the season of fall, we’re not only helping you plan way ahead, some of these are applicable all year around. Check out this link for more information.

Five Ways The Pandemic Has Influenced Interior Design

We know, you’re sick of hearing about it; but if you have been living under a rock, we’re dealing with a pandemic that’s claimed over a million lives. Aside from the obvious ripple effects of this, different parts of the economy are taking big hits. Some are getting creative and some are simply saying adieu to regular operations, depending on where you live. We want to focus on the businesses that are getting creative, but it’s important to shed light on how and where they need to make changes to succeed. The Taylor Fencing team is a positive one – it’s a part of our ethos, always – and so when we need to make shifts, grow and adjust, we do it with a smile on our faces. Interior design companies are dealing with the same and this article takes a look at what their businesses look like this year. But, again, it’s not all bad. In fact, some of it is motivating. Did you know that open floor plans are on the way out? We didn’t before we read this article, but apparently that will be a big trend as we head into 2021. Other highlights include home offices, virtual home design and the importance of appreciating your home. We love them all, especially the last one. Read the full article here.

DIY Projects That Can Conserve Energy Around the House

As we said, we know that fences are our forte and they’re generally outside, but there’s something about a good do-it-yourself article about projects that you can execute yourself. After all, hard work is another huge part of our ethos and we love to impart that with those we care about, namely – our valued base of customers. We’re guessing some of you have a bit more time these days; why not invest it in projects that you’ll be proud of, will add value to your home and maybe even create a bonding experience with other members of your household. Now, here’s the kicker. What if you could get after some of these projects and know that you’re saving energy (and money on your energy bill) in the process? We know, it’s a lot to take in. But it’s totally possible and we love this article for it. Did you know that “a relatively effortless task like turning back a thermostat between seven- and ten-degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day can save homeowners as much as $83 per year. A more labor-intensive task like planting shade trees can save homeowners an average of between $35 and $119 annually”? Convert that to Celsius, but the cost savings remain just as impressive. Homeowners are frequently deterred from projects like these because they think about how time and cost-intensive they are, but you need to think about the return on investment. Not just that, but these aren’t that time-intensive. They’re simply worth every minute and every penny. Visit here for more on the topic.

DIY Home Improvement Retailing Market

Finally, because we went down a slight rabbit hole in the DIY space, (trust us, it happens more often than we would like to admit) here’s some promising news about the growth that the DIY retailing market has seen since the start of COVID-19. Ahem, we’re not providing extra incentive to embark on those to-do list projects or items, we promise. According to Business Wire, “The DIY home improvement retailing market is expected to register a CAGR of over 4% during 2020-2024, as per the latest research report by Technavio. The report offers a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the market in optimistic, probable, and pessimistic forecast scenarios.” You can see the whole thing here.

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