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October Home News

It’s home news time! That’s right, your favourite monthly instalment is back on the Taylor Fencing blog. The Taylor Fencing blog offers a lot of very important information – ranging from the premium products that we design and install to broader knowledge about ensuring that your home looks exactly as you always dreamed. It’s easy to envision your dream home, but it’s harder to ensure that it’s a reality. That’s where we come in. If you’re just starting to dip your toes into the water and start the process, you’ve already made the first perfect step… by visiting the Taylor Fencing blog. Read on for our best finds on the World Wide Web this month:

This Is What Britain’s Biggest Construction Project Looks Like

If you’re looking for inspiration and feeling a little bit British, then this article is for you The bigger the better is the name of the game for Britain’s biggest construction project. It will look over the sea where humans have lived for over 10,000 years. We’re not joking about the size of the project; in fact, it measures more than 245 soccer fields. The company behind it is Electricite de France SA and it will be responsible for the first nuclear power plant in 20-plus years in the United Kingdom. It will do great things for the economy, helping employ almost 5,000 people and bringing in more than 22 billion pounds. It will take a while before it’s profitable, but eventually it will provide electricity for 6 million homes. Bonus? It has a fun name… “Big Carl.” That is a bundle of exciting statistics. What excites Taylor Fencing about this project is the idea that the evolution of construction and architecture continue to be such catalysts for growth of so many different industries. Check out this link for more information.

If you’re not sleeping so well at night, and you want something to blame it on, this article is for you ­– We don’t condone this behaviour by any means, but it is running rampant all over the globe. We’re talking about construction noise, and it’s kicking off the day earlier and earlier. In fact, one neighbourhood in New York City is hearing it as early as 3 a.m.! It’s a little bit scandalous, but the reason that it’s occurring, is because so many different unions and organizations can organize the labour that much earlier in the day, allowing their employees to finish their work at a more decent hour; they’re sharing that this enhances work-life balance, enticing more and more employees. Well, more and more areas of not only New York City, but the World, aren’t having it. And, they’re passing more and more bills to ensure that those who work 9-5 (or many other variations of hours) get the sleep that they need to start the day. We all know how valuable sleep is, whether you are a parent, right out of University or within any number of walks of life. That’s why the Taylor Fencing team is diligent about sharing exactly what hours we’ll be at your property. We encourage you to also share this information with your neighbours, so that everyone is set up for success. Check out this link for more information.

Landscaping Tips to Keep You & Your Lawn Happy

If you’re pleased with your fence, but not with your landscaping, this article is for you –  Let’s be honest, each and every one of us has been there. You sigh when you come home at the end of the day or when you leave your house in the morning. You keep meaning to update the exterior of your property, but it is just not that high of a priority, given everything else that is going on in your life. There is no shame here, Taylor Fencing blog readers, only resources. And like we said, you are not alone. Yes, purchasing a fence from Taylor Fencing is the first step. It will at least make you smile a little bit on your comings and goings. But, a backyard (or a front yard) is somewhere that you should be able to relax and focus on the memories that you’re making. So, let’s make this easy for you. As this article states, “Lawn care generally falls into three categories: landscaping, lawn maintenance, and sprinkler systems. Before selecting a business, evaluate your needs. Some businesses specialize in one area, while others offer a variety of services.” This falls squarely into our advice to always do your homework. Do not just choose a company that you think can do all of the above… they may be able to, but it may not be the calibre of work that you are expecting. One other nugget that we appreciated out of this article? Seasonal-specific advice. Do not overlook it, or you may be only happy with your landscaping for parts of the year. Check out this link for more information.

Treated Pine Sleeper retaining wall with steel uprights

Tips for Building a Good Fence

And, if you visited the Taylor Fencing blog due to your passion for fences, this article is for youWe have to end on a fencing note, right? Before we share this article, we do want to preface that the best way to ensure longevity and durability for your fence is to work with us. Now that we have that out of the way, we can shed a spotlight for those who love “do it yourself” projects, namely farmers who do need to build custom fences around their properties, based on their needs. It is not necessarily a job that they relish, or that they want to spend a lot of time on. This article covers brace structure, – which according to one expert – is the heart, and soul of the fence, wire and line post tips. Armed with the right knowledge, you should be able to supplement your fencing needs, no matter what they might be. Check out this link for more information.

Questions? Feel free to let the team at Taylor Fencing know. We would love to hear from you and start the conversation about any of your fencing needs.