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Optical Illusions to Improve Your Backyard

optical illusions to improve your backyardOptical illusions are an interesting science. With one stroke of the brush, with one strategically taken photograph, you can change the entire perception of the size of a space. Artists use this technique all of the time. They do it to mess with your senses—to force you out of your comfort zone and to encourage you to look at life in a different way. But it’s not just artists. It’s professionals in every occupation and every industry. Because when optical illusions are demonstrated correctly, anything you’re selling is going to look bigger. And as unfortunate as it may be, we’re continuously becoming a society, which looks for bigger and not better things.

Taylor Fencing believes in quality over quantity, any day. But our profession is also to provide you with fences that make your property the best it can be. So, today’s post focuses on optical illusions that our valued customers can leverage to make your backyards seem larger than life. To be clear, your fence size will remain the same. There is no sense skimping on fencing materials that serve a function- to keep you safe and protected. To that point, that doesn’t mean we can’t have conversations about materials that make your backyard bigger. But that’s a topic for different day. Today, let’s take a look at optical illusions which make your backyard seem bigger:

Zoning isn’t just for building structures

It has the same benefits when you design your backyard. Think about the different activities that respective areas will focus on. This can include hosting soirees for your family and friends or a zen area where you go to read a good book. There are no wrong answers here.

Place retaining walls in your backyard

These are a Taylor Fencing favourite and they add great dimension to small backyards. If your home is already on a sloped lot, then retaining walls make sense to level out the property. Even if you don’t, retaining walls can be added in, to add dimension and flow to your backyard.

Bright colours distract for all of the right reasons

Think about the last time that an outfit turned your head while walking down the street. Chances are that a bright colour was involved. In fact, it may be the only thing that stands out in your memory. Bright colours have the same optical illusion effect as some lines and shapes do. They draw your eyes to that area, enhancing it and placing other elements in the shadows. Paint a bench a bold red or pick out some tropical flowers.

Look up!

Okay, you can look back at this article now. But when you looked up, did you think about how much vertical real-estate you have to work with? It’s the reason that so many vertical and hanging garden designs are popular on different style blogs. This means that visitors have the space to move around your garden or backyard, but they can still take in the master gardenry that you’ve demonstrated with your green thumb.