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Preparing Your Home for the Unexpected

Even though 2020 is barely underway, we’re sure that we’re not the only ones who think it’s time for a well-deserved break. Only into March (three months in!), we’re already dealing with a massive pandemic that’s impacting hundreds of thousands around the globe. We know that this effects our customers, our teammates, our friends and families in all sorts of different ways and that there’s no right answer for anything right now. We also know that there’s not a timeline as far as a cure or next steps and that there’s a lot of uncertainty as to the right steps to take.

That’s stressful and we get it. So, there are a couple of things that the Taylor Fencing team can do to assuage existing worries. We won’t pretend to be the experts in this space, but we will – as always – play the ever-important role of your advocates.

First things first, please know that the Taylor Fencing team is taking, and always has taken every possible precaution to ensure that everyone in our community is in a safe and healthy environment. We start with our employees, because they’re the ones that are completing the work on your property and those that work together every day. There’s a baseline set with some companies; there’s an idea that 5-10 trainings on a regular cadence (compliance, safety, etc.) are enough. And for some, they are. But, at Taylor Fencing, they’re not. At Taylor Fencing, we know that situations where trainings would come in handy evolve each and every day. We don’t want to just be prepared to be reactive, should anything happen on your property – the word of the game here is: proactive. That means that anyone that’s coming into contact with each other during a scenario like COVOID-19 is clothed properly, has the appropriate (and sanitized) tools and most importantly – isn’t on your property if there is not a timely need to complete the work.

The other thing that we can do, and that we’ll always do, is to information-share. So, here are our tips, whenever there are challenges in the world that we can’t control, on how to prepare your household so that you’re comfortable.

  • Instead of waiting until the last minute to stock up on necessities, plan ahead or do so over a longer period of time. We never know when we’re going to be stuck inside due to weather or anything else. What a sense of relief if that time comes and you’ve been squirreling away groceries and such for months! If anything, you’ve probably been checking things off the grocery list that you totally forgot you needed! It doesn’t have to be a lot at a time. In fact, that’s what gets many of us into trouble. Waiting until the last minute is the norm, so you may find far more shelves at the local store empty than you anticipated. Think of it like a rainy-day fund for finances. Add a couple extra things to your shopping list every time you go out. You’ll be far more relaxed when the need arises. Staples include: bottled water, items that don’t need to be refrigerated, toilet tissue and paper towels, batteries, candles, matches and bonus – a couple of fun food items for yourself to look forward to.
  • Know your surroundings – both within your home and all across the property. It’s crazy how little we know our own properties when push comes to shove. Think about how often we lose small things like reading glasses or our phones? Now imagine that you can’t see where exactly you’re exploring. The power on your property may go out in situations like this and you’ll want to be able to situate yourself in a timely manner. Try turning off all of all of the lights, both internal and external and exploring your home or blindfolding yourself during the day. Make it a fun challenge. Also make sure that you always know where your rainy-day fund, blankets and any other necessities live. We recommend that they’re easily accessible by a main door or window so that you can get to them more quickly as you want to. Bonus? You’ll always know where an extra blanket is, when it’s cold outside.
  • Educate yourself using a variety of resources. We can’t help that we live in the Information Age, but while the World Wide Web can be incredibly helpful in some scenarios, it can also share a lot of misinformation. Don’t necessarily believe the first thing that you read; do your due diligence about any situations that are impacting your community or even a broader audience. If you follow the news in a variety of media, and do so on a regular basis, you’ll hopefully be able to properly track a situation and feel comfortable in any decisions that you make.
  • Look into insurance. Many different companies provide it automatically, or at least lifetime guarantees (cough, cough, Taylor Fencing) on the products that they offer. But! Some don’t, and your home is nothing but a really important investment, and probably a really important part of your life. Just like you want to insure your health or that of your loved ones, the same is true for your home. It’s something that many shy away from, because they think there’s a large price tag involved, but that’s not always the case. Again, do your homework. If you own your home, the broker you bought it with can most likely provide advice; if not, we turn again to the World Wide Web or to friends or family that you can really trust.

Bottom line is to not panic, just be prepared. There are so many resources, companies, teams and products that will set you up for anything that comes your way. If you have questions, comments, concerns or thoughts, please feel free to reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. We’re excited to hear from you.