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What’s the Process of Building Your Home?

What’s the Process of Building Your Home?We know that we focus on fences. They’re the first thing that you see when you arrive on a property, and you hopefully close the door in the correct way when you leave. That’s one of a million reasons why the Taylor Fencing team got into the business. Safety? Check. An aesthetically-pleasing addition to your property? Check. It shouldn’t be a trade-off. The Taylor Fencing team got together because we saw a really big and important opportunity in the industry to add to the value of your home and make it a safe and comfortable place. We’ve never wavered from this mission, and because we’re based on family values, you can always expect that the work that we put together is designed and constructed with love and care. We don’t think that that stops in the field with the physical work. We believe that we have an important commitment to you to share the information that we learn so that you are well-equipped for any decisions that you make related to your home. Enter… the blog! The Blog doesn’t just focus on our products and services, but the broader industries that we support. Today, that means that we’re looking at the process of building your home.

It’s a big question, right? It’s daunting, and that tends to push a lot of prospective customers away. Who wants to throw away a ton of money and time, without really knowing what the end result will be? Who wants to meet with a contractor without a ton of information about what their skills actually are and the quality of work that they’ll actually turnaround? Well, there’s one easy way around this. You can work with the Taylor Fencing team. There will never be a doubt in your mind when you work with us that you’re getting the best quality in the business for the most cost-efficient rates around.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about one of our biggest and most important objectives on the blog. We don’t just talk about our products and services. We look at the bigger picture and what our role is in it. And today… that means the process of designing and building a house. They don’t just appear out of thin air, do they? They take a lot of thought, probably some emotional conversations, and definitely a lot of back and forth. You think you want one thing, and immediately change your mind. You learn the price of one thing, and immediately change your mind. There’s a reason that designing and building a house are items on the top ten biggest stressors in life, according to many different expert lists. But when you read blogs like this one, you’re set up for success, because you have the information that you need. Let’s break it down:

We start with the preliminary research. What kind of home are you looking for? Do you want one that’s already designed and ready to roll? Do you want to start from the ground up and do you have a vision in mind? The sky is the limit here – have fun… (within your budget!) Talk to as many experts as possible, one is simply never enough. They’ve seen it all and can tell you that if you’ve found your dream plot of land, whether or not the design of your dream home will even work.

Now it’s time to choose your expert. Expert can be a subjective term. You’re looking for contractors, for designers, for landscapers and more. We cannot stress enough in any of our blog posts, you simply must do your research now. Companies are only getting better at doing their marketing research, so the shinier that they look, the more that you need to ask questions. Here’s where you really need to turn to your neighbors, friends and those that you love, to determine who makes the most sense for you.

Here’s where we get tactical. It’s time to look at the land of your home and discern exactly what’s feasible. We know that rolling hills may make the best landscape for your next dream mansion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that style of home makes sense. Again, bring in the experts. It’s only going to hurt you more, if you don’t do your homework. According to, here’s a checklist:

  • climate responsive design and site-specific variables,
  • orientation,
  • cool breeze access,
  • solar access,
  • views,
  • overshadowing by landforms, trees and buildings (site survey),
  • slope (site survey),
  • soil type (geotechnical report),
  • bushfires risks,
  • storm water drainage,
  • access and transport,
  • services (power, gas, phone, water, sewer).

If any of these don’t sign off, it’s time to look for new land.

Finally, (but not really finally), it’s time to take care of all of that pesky paperwork. We say that it’s pesky, because it may take some time (and we know that we’re a broken record), but the Taylor Fencing team cannot stress enough the importance of reading the fine print, relying on those closest to you that know best and reading everything twice. Your dream home could not be a more important investment and the Taylor Fencing team is dedicated towards ensuring that you not only feel comfortable and safe, but happy and excited as you head into the next chapter of your life.

Home Building and Designing Trends 2020

Now more than ever, residential construction materials are getting more innovative. But, of course, style, durability, and efficiency are still considered. So, what are the current trends in building houses today?

1. Energy-efficiency

Using engineered timber flooring in Melbourne helps promote energy efficiency since timber is natural and can preserve the desired environmental temperature inside the home. This is especially true among households residing in a Mediterranean climate.

Skylights and other innovative lighting features also promote energy-efficiency.

2. Home Additions

Home additions are increasingly becoming popular in home construction because more people want to work from home or create an office extension at home. Because of the so-called “new normal,” more people want to establish and improve their work home environments to ensure productivity at optimal levels.

3. Concrete

In addition to being durable, long-lasting, and can be finished in varying textures you prefer, concrete material is also easy to apply. The areas made up of concrete driveways and pathways become easier to clean and maintain, unlike bricks or tiles that break over time.

Here are the other examples of concrete items that can be used to design your home:

  • Concrete Finish Walls: In the past, concrete walls are perceived cheap because of rough texture. However, changes in finishing, like a smooth concrete polished wall, create a focal point in a lovely modern home.
  • Concrete Lighting Fixtures: Concrete cased lamps and lights are now available to accent your home, making them a durable solution and unique interior home design.

4. Aluminum Doors and Windows

Now, aluminum is a preferred material for doors and windows because they are lightweight, rust-proof, and affordable. Also, they come in different colors, such as black, brown, and white.

Interior designers perceive black paneled doors and windows as bold and elegant, which now floods modern homes today. If you’re into whites, you’ll find white aluminum doors and windows very appealing.

Did this post have you scared? We apologize, and that was never the intent. Did this post have you prepared? You’re absolutely right that it did, and that was the intent. The great thing about any element of your home, especially your premium fence installations, is that that the Taylor Fencing team will have your back in every possible way. We’re available by phone, we’re available by email and we’re always available in person. We can’t wait to kick off the conversation with you about your dream fence installation and the best ways to make your home as safe and comfortable as it can possibly be.