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The Role of Colour and Material in Your Fencing

The Role of Colour and Material in Your Fencing InstallationsThere’s a certain glamour that the media paints around designers and those skilled in all of the arts, isn’t there? We assume that they have the best taste, that they know what they’re talking about, that they’re a cut above the rest of us when it comes to making things beautiful, functional and comfortable. Hey, that means that they’re doing their jobs right and we support a hundred percent. They sure set the team at Taylor Fencing up for success. When our designers and art-inclined partners and teammates try to push themselves and try new things, it only serves our team and our customers well.

If you’re a newer attendee on the Taylor Fencing blog, we could not be more excited to have you here. We’re thrilled that you’re joining a community of those who know the importance of a really high-quality fence. If you’re a part of the Taylor Fencing family, you know that a fence is the first thing that anybody sees when they pass by. You know that if a fence is done well, it can add tremendously value to the property of your land. Conversely, when it’s not done as well, it can definitely have a negative impact on the first impression that those around you have of your home.

There are a lot of factors that play into the spectrum between the most successful of fence styles and those that fall short by a lot. And that’s what the focus of today’s post is all about. We know there are numerous pieces of the puzzle that ensure that a fencing style is up to par with what our Taylor Fencing customers should be able to depend on. No, we don’t just say yes to every style, designer and manufacturer that walks in our door. That would be bad business for us and the worst possible outcome for you.

Instead, we put everyone through the ringer – in the best way possible. We analyze every part of the products that we add to our inventory with two of the biggest variables in this very post title. They’re more important than you may realize, and a lot of science goes into the different colours and materials that are featured in fencing styles year after year.

The Role of Colour and Material in Your Fencing InstallationsYou may have heard of the PANTONE institute. The entire purpose is to govern the colour palettes that shape every season and commemorate the important colours that represent pivotal pop culture moments for us. A big deal for them every year, is deciding what the “colour of the year” of the impending 365 will be. There have been some pretty amazing and creatively-named ones. Highlights for the team at Taylor Fencing include “Rose Quartz and Serenity”, “Greenery”, and “Radiant Orchid”. This year, we’re going bright. The colour that brought home the prize? “Living Coral”. You can find a partial list from 2007 through 2019 at this link, here. It’s a fascinating science, and you wouldn’t believe what goes in to it. What’s most impressive? The way it radiates down through many different industries, including that of ours truly – fencing.

There are certain iconic styles of fencing where colour will never be an issue or a conversation. We’re talking about styles like wrought iron or white picket fences. These are iconic and they’re timeless for a reason. Just their presence and design immediately add curb appeal and value to your property, so there’s no point in messing with them. That said, we’re all about creativity on the Taylor Fencing team and if you feel like painting your white picket fence bright blue, we’re here to support.

There are other styles, especially those that the Taylor Fencing team has on display, where they’re much more of a blank canvas. COLORBOND fence models are a great example and a great avenue if you live in more of a neutral house and need to add a little bit of your own personality. Here’s where it makes total sense to do your research on the internet and discern the colours that will complement your home the most.

Like we said, there’s a total science here and a ton of different resources to make the right decision for you. At the end of the day, this is where you lay your head to sleep and where you’re going to make the memories that will last a lifetime so do the right thing for you. Need some guidance, especially as it applies to colour science, here is a great place to start.

Bonus? And we know that we’re a broken record at this point, but if you don’t feel like perusing the Web, you’re in luck. You can simply pick up the phone, jump on the Taylor Fencing Website or even jump in your car and come say hi in person. We’re always thrilled and passionate to help give you the advice that you need.

The Role of Colour and Material in Your Fencing InstallationsThe second piece of this is materials and here’s where the science is much more cut and dry. We review every possible fixture and material that’s integrated into any of our products and we’re very, very strict. We put every material though the ringer and we have no problem nixing a style from our inventory when better things come along. We love to love all of our products. It helps with that whole, “endorsing them to you” thing. So, if we find something more durable, more cost-effective, easier to install and much more complementary to the products that we already offer, you better believe that we’re going to take that leap.

We believe in our products. It’s vital that we’re proud that we can continue to push ourselves. We push ourselves to learn about the variables that make us the best of the best, like colour and material.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. It doesn’t matter what they are, we’re sure that we can help. The Taylor Fencing team would always love to hear from you.