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See-in and See-out Fences

See-in and See-out FencesWorking with fences and gates, the TFR Construction team is no stranger to all sorts of conversations related to privacy. We know how paramount it is – whether you live in a small home with minimal tangible possessions or if you own a giant sport court multi-plex, where any sort of intrusion could have a lifetime effect on you and your community. It’s unfortunate that we see so many examples where it could be avoided, especially in the last number of years. No excuses, they simply don’t matter. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your home and we know that. Every element – If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. That’s why we’ve grown so much over the years, learning about the best ways to keep what matters to you safe and secure. Believe us, we’ve seen some odd things that are priorities for customers, but if it makes you happy, we will keep it under the right set of security and surveillance.

While our support obviously starts with our products and services, it quickly expanded in the last few decades into the kind of customer service that you won’t get anywhere else. We’re here for you, day, and night, through all matter and platforms and able to at least start the conversation. If we can’t help you, chances are absolutely top-notch that we’ll be able to point you in the right direction… and fast. Yes, a fence is one component of a property, but working with fences means that we have been able to work on the most beautiful, intricate, and unique plots of land and we’re always happy to impart any sort of wisdom we can – to you.

So… see-in and see-out fences. What the heck are we talking about? Think of these different types of fences and gates like the tinted windows on a car. If there’s no tint, you can see everything in and you can see everything out. Until recently, this was vastly the norm, in fact, you had to pay more money if tinted windows were something that you were looking for. Nowadays it depends on the make and model of a car, but there are still many regulations in place depending on where you live about just how much tint you are allowed to have. (And those costs have skyrocketed).

That’s cars, but the same analogy can apply to the fences and gates that line the perimeter of your home and/or your business. It’s slightly different because we’re not talking tinted glass specifically, but there are definitely different styles of fences that adhere to each preference.

Here are some best practices about when each may make sense for you and your household or business:

  • The first question to ask yourself is if you want those passing by to be able to see into your property, and if so, exactly how much you’d like them to see in. This isn’t a yes or no answer to the question – there can certainly be portions of your property that you’d like your neighbours to be able to admire, while we’re betting there are other more functional areas of your lot that you’d like to keep a bit more private. Think about the backyards where you want to have your family or friends’ get-togethers, versus showing off the shrubbery in your front yard. One of the common misconceptions about fences, in general, is that the style needs to be the exact same around your property, meeting all your needs. That’s certainly not the case and a rumour that we love to dispel immediately on the TFR Construction team. Instead, we love to walk the property with you, discuss specific needs and offer solutions that make the most sense for you.
  • The next question or comment is that you don’t have to have full security around your property. We’re betting that you’ve put a lot of effort and expertise into either your landscaping, your sport court, or other elements of your outdoor living. We’ve betting that if you’ve worked with a prolific windows company and done things right, you won’t have any issues with anyone seeing into your lower-level floors. In fact, here is where the car-esque tinted windows can come back into play, showcasing your home, but not giving insight into the valuables that you may have inside.
  • Think about the outside elements of your home. This ties directly into the above tip but the first example that comes to mind is any sort of swimming pool. You certainly want security here, not just because you don’t want anyone snooping or taking advantage of your pool, but also just to make sure that those who are supposed to be using it absolutely can, without a care in the world. In this case, the TFR Construction team would strongly recommend a “see-out” type fence – something like COLORBOND or we’re happy to make alternative recommendations. We know that you’re most likely proud of your pool, but we also know that you’re going to be prouder of the memories that are being created without anyone being nosy nearby.
  • Finally, let’s clarify the two – “the see in’s” and “the see out’s”. There are a multitude of styles for each. When you work with the see in’s, you’re most likely want to explore examples like picket fences, wrought iron fences or other customizable examples. When you want to look out, we can have a lot more creativity with the types of materials that face one way, still enabling the beautiful effects of any well-done fence.

All the above being said, the TFR Construction team has so many different opportunities and options to meet every possible need you and your household or business may have. We’re recently started moving into the excavation and sport court building space; having installed so many and given so much advice, it only seemed natural. Give us a shout – email, phone or greet us in person. The TRF Construction team is here to help with whatever you may need.