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How We’re Setting our 2020 Goals

How We’re Setting our 2020 GoalsA formal welcome to the new decade! The Roaring Twenties have returned in this new millennium and we can’t help but laugh at the differences between now and this time a hundred years ago. While we had the beautiful architecture of the Great Gatsby era then, we’re feeling better about the technological and architectural evolution that has occurred since.

New Years are always really exciting times. We talk about them every year and what they signify. They’re fresh starts, they’re the perfect clean slate, they’re a new way to push ourselves and challenge ourselves.

Here on the Taylor Fencing team, we take the last part the most seriously. Goals and challenges are the only way that we can continue to give our valued customers not only what they need, but what they want. We aim to anticipate the needs of your home, especially related to our premium fence and gate products. They’re numerous, but they’re carefully curated and well-chosen. They’re carefully displayed and presented. We want to know the answer to your need before you even know what your need is.

Sounds very serious for fences that simply line the property of your home, right? We tend to disagree. This blog is indicative of that. Business doesn’t start and stop with a simple Website showcasing our products. Let’s be honest, we feel confident enough that that would be adequate because we’re so passionate about them, but we also feel challenged enough to go the extra mile and bring our customer service to the next level.

We noticed over time just how excited our different contractors and team members would become when discussing fences. We’re a niche group, but we’re a mighty one. One day, someone would share a new material that we should explore because it stands up better in inclement weather. One day, another would tout a property halfway around the world that showcased exactly what one of our clients was looking for. We began to notice a pattern; we also began to realize that it’s not just the Taylor Fencing team that could benefit from this knowledge and enthusiasm. That’s the day that the Taylor Fencing blog was formed.

How We’re Setting our 2020 GoalsWe see this as a big win and a growing one. That’s why we love feedback loops. We love hearing what works and what doesn’t. Do you want to know more about a particular topic? Are we getting the right information to you in the correct way? Believe us, it won’t hurt our feelings if you have constructive criticism. You’ll learn this throughout our blog… we love it! We tape it up, share it with each other and troubleshoot so that we can only get better and better – for you!

So, goal number one – amp up the feedback. The Taylor Fencing team is excited to expand the ways that we’re asking for it and the information that we’re asking for. Here’s where our readers and customers come in to play… help us out. You can reach us through email, phone or in-person, we don’t mind and we don’t care how often. Challenge accepted if you want to communicate with us on a daily basis and we completely understand if you prefer to adjust that cadence to weekly or monthly. We’re here to help and we’re here to listen, so let us know how we can help.

Goal number two – it’s not just about learning about different materials this year. Or different products. We really want to know what the stories are behind each of them. We have the utmost respect for companies that work in this area, and for that matter, all companies; Beyond that, we know that it’s necessary to not just know the name of the product, the type of material, even where it came from. When we bring a new product line into our inventory, it will now be our goal to ask the hard questions. How was it created? Which teams were involved? Is it truly local or are there components that might have come from many miles away? This feeds into our first goal… we want you to be able to stump us with the questions that you may have as you add this vital piece of architecture and design to your home.

Goal three – We talk about sustainability all of the time, but that also feeds into transparency. If our products aren’t sustainable, we’ll tell you as much. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll write them off or take them off of our shelves, but it does mean that you’ll be able to ask us and we’ll have the honest answers. Sustainability is becoming more and more creative. To be honest, it’s becoming more and more fun. It’s become a growing industry with scientists seeking out different ways to bring you products that are good for the Earth, but frequently… are even cooler and better looking as well. Consider it a mystery, a puzzle, a challenge. If you’ve read this far in this blog post, you’ve learned that’s right up our alley.

The final goal – (well not really *final*, but for today’s post, let’s go with that…) our team! We aim to nourish them (not in the food way, but we swear they’ll get fed but in an intellectual way), we aim to push them, we aim to provide all of the right resources and most of all… we aim to celebrate them. We wouldn’t show up to work time and time again if we didn’t love what we do. We also wouldn’t show up to work time and time again if we didn’t love each other. We’re a family business, but we’re also a family. Good days and bad days, we have each other’s backs and that’s evident in our work. Bonus? We include our community of customers in our family as well. So, get ready for a 2020 full of laughter, fun, education and the very best products around. We look forward to serving you.