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Sharing a Little Love for Gates

Sharing a Little Love for GatesOh, the historic gate. It’s something that we tend to take for granted when it comes to our homes and probably doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Yes, you can easily have a fence (and we’re pretty prolific in these) without one, but it gives you that added bonus of safety and security. Not to mention, they make your property look even better and up the property value more than you’d assume.

Here on the Taylor Fencing blog, it’s our never-ending mission to share the maximum amount of information that we learn about in our industry – with you, our valued customers. It’s important to us to continue to grow a sense of trust and commitment with you because that’s what keeps you coming back for our support and skills. There’s no sense in not sharing what we’re passionate about, it only further sets you up for success and curates a desire to learn more about the business that we love so much.

We talk about fences all of the time. We do it for a good reason because we offer so many different customized options that work for every style of the house. But, it’s a lesser-known secret that we also offer premium gates. Let’s first dive into the history and purpose of the gate:

First, shall we start with the most elementary of information: a gate OR a gateway is dictionary-defined as a point of entry to a place that is otherwise enclosed around the perimeter by a wall or a gate. It was initially a concept during wars when different countries and kingdoms did not want the wrong people coming in, and they wanted the right people a way to get out. Since the Dark Ages, they have become a more decorative element of property design, but their initial function remains exactly the same. There are a few other terms that you may hear gate referred to by, depending on where you live in the world – two great examples are port and yet. But, where did the term “gate” come from? It actually is derived from a very old Norse word… “gat”. Gat means road or path and the gap that you may see in a fence. Looking to get even more expertise on the gate and its nomenclature? The moving parts are called “doors” (shocking, we know), since they’re affixed to the fence on either side and swing open and closed.

The engineering is simple but effective and has evolved greatly over time. Your gate may have a latch that can be both raised and lowered. This not only helps you open and close your gate, but it also makes sure that it doesn’t swing. This can be both annoying and a sign that your property may need to be re-levelled – another expense that you don’t want to incur.

While the engineering mainly revolved around this simple premise back in the day, today it’s become much more technologically advanced. It’s more the norm in this day and age for a gate to have a remote associated with it, so that access is both easier and more easily monitored. We’re guessing that many of you have a fob or a remote in your vehicle so that when you approach your property, you can enter at the touch of a button.

This article has some great information about the best home security systems, especially as we’re heading into a brand-new year. It’s time to reboot your budgets, it’s time to take a closer look at your home, and it’s especially time to evaluate your priorities and New Years resolutions. We’ve talked about a couple of those mentioned before, but this is a great repository and review of every home security system that can be a partner-in-crime (pun intended) to a well-designed and installed gate.

Straight from Safewise: “We know home security. Over the past five years, more than one million people have come to us for home security information and recommendations. And we’ve helped thousands of those people pick the best home security system for their homes. We test, research, and compare home security companies based on the factors that matter most when looking at security systems—cost, response time, installation, features, customer service, style/design, connectivity, and ease of use.”

Well-said, and we couldn’t agree more. So, technology is obviously an important component for gates. But, what about the materials?

We’ve seen a huge influx in the use of wrought iron because it combines durability with a beautiful aesthetic that’s suited to each of your homes. It’s important to note that your fence and your gate do not have to be made from the same materials. We see beautiful homes all of the time that may have a fence like our COLORBOND model and leverage a more traditional swing fence, picket style.

We’re also noticing that more and more of our trusted designers and vendors are hearing the needs of our customers. They know that fences need to be easy to access, they know that they need to do their job, and they really do want them to look “pretty”. Who wants to have visitors arrive and see a gate that’s sub-par? It sets the tone for the whole first impression of the property and that can put unnecessary stress on you – the homeowners.

Easy to solve when you work with the Taylor Fencing team. We’re here to serve 24/7 and available through email, phone or in-person. We love connecting with our customers and learning exactly what makes you excited and what stresses you out, related to your home. You’ve already done the leg work and are the proud owner(s) of a place to create memories, let the Taylor Fencing team help you with a fence to take care of it. Bonus? Let the Taylor Fencing team advise you on the fence that makes the most sense for you.