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Spotlight on Access Control

Building and installing dream fence solutions is a multi-pronged goal for us here on the Taylor Fencing team. First, we have to take into account your requests. You may prioritize the aesthetics, you may focus on just how long of a shelf-life you have with the different, custom products that we offer, you may live in a very specific area of Australia that requires a select number of materials to combat the environmental factors of your neighbourhood. A lot of time this includes and focuses on weather – sure – but that’s not always the case. In fact, if you look at the history of fences, they were designed to keep the “bad” out and the “good” in. So, today’s post is focusing on access control… The products that we can offer to help restrict access to the people and things that are the closest and most important to you.

You’ve already taken a very important first step. You got on the World Wide Web, you searched the best fence installation contractors in the area and you stumbled across our humble, little site. The Taylor Fencing team formed on the basis that we wanted to recruit those with the same values and passions as our family that began the business. We believe in transparency, we believe in communication, we believe in craftsmanship and we believe in trust. We know that when we do the job right, we’re not just working with customers – we’re working with friends that become family. You do have an abundance of options to choose from in the area, and we appreciate you choosing us. We appreciate it so much that we’ll go above and beyond, always, to get the job done and to do the job right.

An important piece of this work, was this blog. Sure, you can explore our site and see the different processes and materials that we use. But how do you know who we are? How do you know that we truly stand for you – our customers – and will always make your wishes come true. The best way to do this, was to stand up this blog. Here is where you can truly see our personalities, our history, our commitment to the industry and a promise that we’ll never stop learning… ever. And what we’re sharing the learnings of today, is access security. Read on for more of the learnings and best practices of the Taylor Fencing team.

What is Access Security

Access security… what does that even mean? It can mean an abundance of things to different groups of people, but as previously mentioned, the bottom line is protecting what’s most important to you.

In the olden days, access security was all about just building a fence. In fact, the higher the better. Instead of exploring different materials, wood and stone were the mainstays, but fences could be hundreds of feet tall. When that tended to fail over and over again (cannons, fire, all of the usual suspects), builders went for thicker fences. They went for multiple fences built back to back so that those trying to break through the walls were met with more and more obstacles.

But, as you all know, we are living in an increasingly technological age. So, when we advanced from only building in primitive materials, and we quickly found that even multiple fences couldn’t keep the enemies out, we first turned to different materials. We played around with scientific compounds and spent weeks building fences with concrete and with electrical wire. There is a reason that electrical wire is used so frequently on fences at mental institutions, jails and even in areas where animals are kept. There’s a very select few who even want to try and go up against electrical fencing, which will shock you (physically, we’re assuming that this should not emotionally shock you).

Technology Updates and Access Control

Back to technology, and back to many of the updates that the Taylor Fencing team aims to take advantage of. We’re not sure if you’ve yet explored our Sliding and Motorised Gates page, but if you haven’t – you’re in for some pleasant surprises. Many avoid spending the extra penny to install a motorised gate, but it can be the key to keeping what’s important to you safe and sound.

But you don’t just have to shop on the Taylor Fencing site. We design and install our products assuming that they’ll integrate perfectly with many of the other best-in-class products on the World Wide Web. Some of our favourites include the new security-inspired doorbells and other ways to keep everything locked up well.

Looking for a full list? Here’s a good one, thanks to wirecutter – a technology company based out of New York City in the United States. But we’re sure that there are specific stipulations that you’ll be keeping an eye out for as you shop.

The important point here, is to always do your homework. Sure, there are eight out of ten that will cross most of your requests off of your lists. But, this is an important quest and it will always pay off, if you spend extra time looking into different options. You may be looking for one for your whole home, or you may be looking for one that focuses on one, specific room. Most work directly with your cellular phone, so they keep you updated if anything at home is out of the norm.

Luckily for you, if this hasn’t been hammered home enough, the site and the team of Taylor Fencing have spent more than enough time in the industry, culling new learnings and curating what’s most important to answer our customer’s questions and set you up for success. This doesn’t always mean that we’re selling you a product, instead it means that we’re building a trust with you by answering questions and having the most important conversations. It doesn’t matter if it’s by phone, by email or in-person. The Taylor Fencing team is always here to help you when it comes to access security.