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Why Spring Can be the Best Time for Home Renovations

Why Spring Can be the Best Time for Home RenovationsThere are so many things that we look forward to in the spring. If we’ve had an especially hard winter, we relish seeing the sun more and more often as well as that temperature gauge rise. You don’t hear about fall cleaning or winter cleaning. Spring cleaning means a fresh start, a clean slate, and as a company that cares deeply about the property that you call home, the Taylor Fencing team celebrates extra hard when we know that it’s officially time for the season to begin. We touch on a few subjects on the blog on a regular basis, and fresh starts like the one that comes with spring are one of them. Because on the business side, we get to say, “hey, it’s time to rethink what goals we want to accomplish – especially before the end of the calendar year.” But the biggest part of our business is thinking about you, and the projects that you may be planning to execute. Fences are our favourite (we’re not biased or anything), but we know that building – and equally as important, maintaining – your dream home, means a bunch of different projects. These can be so stressful to plan and pay for, and many put them off because of a timeline, costs, general stress associated and other factors. With spring finally here, we’re celebrating the fact that many of these said projects, make sense to take place now. Read on for more information.

Spring, historically, has the mildest of weather. You’re not dealing with significant wind, rain or snow – although, this could significantly change over the coming years. You’re not having to worry about blinding sun or extreme temperatures in one direction or the other. Both cold and hot can have intense effects on the work that you’re trying to achieve. If the weather is too cold, materials may freeze over and not adhere to the way that you’d like them to. It’s unsafe for workers to be out and working during the coldest of winters, especially if they’re outside for long periods of time or up on any sort of ladder outside. Conversely, in the summer, you’re still working with health conditions for the workers – lack of hydration and extreme exercise associated can be detrimental and a liability for you as well. In the summer, you’re also having to plan around particular hours of the day, with the sun shining directly down on your property. It can get in the eyes of workers, meaning that the work can take that much longer. So, spring, and secondarily fall become your sweet spots. The problem with fall is that there’s a lot of clean-up involved. Leaves are falling everywhere and you want a clean canvas to work on, so you’ll have to remove those before any work can be done. Wind also tends to pick up in the fall, which isn’t ideal.

If your home renovation involves any sort of planting, spring is a great season to plan for whatever flowers and shrubs will be decorating your property in the coming months. If they’re those that bloom right away, then you will immediately have a reward when you step outside. And if they’re plants that look the best six months later, then you’re well ahead of the game. There are plants that make sense to plan for each season – including the winter, but because of the aforementioned reasons related to weather, spring again is the winner here.

If you’re overseeing the renovations yourself, you’ll be the most comfortable in spring. Clothing wise? Yes. Sunglasses may even come out to play. Again, many of the above factors are important here. In addition, you’re well into the year and you know exactly what your finances will look like for the remaining months on the calendar. It can be stressful to execute too early – pressing “go” on a big and expensive project in March or April. It seems like a good idea at the time; after all, there’s still so much money left in the reserves. But that money will deplete quickly, and there are fewer things worse than regretting a project OR not finishing it all of the way. If you wait until September or October, you’ll have a realistic view as to the money remaining in the home renovation piggy bank AND you’ll be more excited about getting the work done. Especially in a year when there’s so much uncertainty, the Taylor Fencing team puts the priority on anything that you can have total control over.

Finally, if the work isn’t done properly, you still have a couple of months – or even next year – to mitigate. Fall leads into winter, and if snow is in the forecast, you’re not heading outside to complete any home renovations. Summer is the lesser of two evils, but it also puts good parameters around the timeline to complete the work. You know what you’re tracking to, and that will give you the motivation you need to get the job done. If successful, you’ll have something extra to toast on New Year’s Eve (besides next year being infinitely better than this one). This isn’t something you have to do alone, so you have ample time to call in the experts as needed.

You probably have a lot of questions – not just about this post, but about installing the best fence around with our team. Well, you came to the right place. Not only does the Taylor Fencing team love to discuss our products and processes (at length, get ready), the bigger picture is so important to us. Your yard, your home, extensions, building, even interior design – you won’t be able to stump us, nor will anything you ask ever pique a lack of interest. Like we say time and time again, we got into this business because we care about you and your property, and that’s something we promise will never change.