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The Key Players on Any Good Team

The Key Players on Any Good TeamYou see it in sports, you see it in the cast of a movie or a television show, but key players should translate to every industry that you see. Taylor Fencing is no exception. We wouldn’t know the success that we do if we didn’t think through the different characteristics and personality traits that each of our employees brings to the table. You can’t have too much or too many of the same. That’s cause for the disaster. Likewise, you do need to have a *little* bit of each. Otherwise, you’re looking at gaps in your infrastructure. That hurts us. And that hurts you. And when you’re hurt, we’re hurt. See the pattern here? You’re our number one priority. If you weren’t, we would put quite so much work into going above and beyond as we do with our Taylor Fencing blog. We also do this because we’re passionate about what we do and can’t stop talking about it. For some of us, it’s beginning to annoy us. Just kidding. That being said, our blog is the perfect outlet to share everything that we’re prolific in and everything that we’re knowledgeable about. People, processes, tools, nothing is off-limits. Today, we’re focusing on people – specifically the skills and types of people that a dream team needs to support its customers successfully. Read on for more information:

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the leader, but it’s for a good reason. Without a good leader, the rest of the team isn’t set up for success. It may not know what path to choose (that’s the first step), or the right priorities to focus on (that’s the second step), but long-term, a team without a good leader won’t know how to grow. Here at Taylor Fencing, we want to push our teammates as much as our leaders, because it’s the best way that we can continue to be innovative and creative. That’s what drives us. That’s what excites us. If we don’t feel that way, how can we imagine that our teammates would feel differently? But, what does “leader” even mean? For us, it means someone that puts the team and the business ahead of themselves. It’s someone that sees the bigger vision – not just in the next weeks or months, but in the next year. It’s someone who can handle conflict and is always there to provide expert advice. No small order, right?

The leader needs to be backed by the best strategists. We use strategists as a plural term because there can be a dozen of them – each with their different areas of expertise. We know that that happens to be the case with Taylor Fencing. We never want to pigeon-hole a strategist because as every good leader knows (and mentioned above), they should grow and enhance their skillset! That said, we’re nothing without our subject matter experts, and we have those aplenty around here. They may have expertise in the colour of fences, the material of fences, the future of sustainability or the best ways for us to cater to our customers. Come one, come all, we’re lucky to have them!

Storytellers are equally as important. We don’t have a brand or an operations strategy without those that think with the right parts of their brain (literally – right versus left), and can help us convey to our customers exactly what we stand for, where we’ve been and where we’re going. All of the above are pieces of a puzzle, and they’re each integral in their unique way. Storytelling is not a skill that’s necessarily learned. Instead, it’s how storytellers think. They see situations in different ways and read people in different ways. And we’re so grateful for that.

You also need those with the left-brain skillset. We call these the analysts. You can see them as the money people, as the metrics people, anything you want – bottom line, they’re the ones who see the cold hard facts and can tell you what you should be doing differently. Again, this is a particular skillset – think “A Beautiful Mind.” Too often teams try and combine different skillsets and put this one in with others. That’s a big mistake. This type of teammate needs to focus solely on this body of work, and they’ll do it very well.

Finally, you have salespeople. You would think that we would rank these ladies and gents number one since we’re in the business of sales, but we believe that we’re in the business of more than that. We believe that we’re in the business of fantastic customer experience and only the most skilled salespeople can help with that. Salespeople can receive certain perceptions from people if they’re too pushy, disingenuous and untrustworthy. None of these is a quality that you will find in any of the Taylor Fencing teammates. Instead, we know that we stand by and support our projects and products so much, that it’s easy to be enthusiastic about them. Enthusiasm is contagious. When someone around you is happy and excited about something, you can’t help but feel the same way. We want to ensure that our customers always feel the same way, so our salespeople are the best ones to guide them through the experience of installing a premium fencing solution.

There are many other roles on a team, and we’ll discuss them in the future. But, they all have a few things in common, all of which are prerequisites to working with us. You need to be loyal, you need to be hardworking, you need to trust your teammates, and you need to want to go the distance. We share this so that you know you can and should always expect all of the above from the Taylor Fencing team.

Questions? Comments? Please reach out. We’re excited to hear from you and begin the adventure of installing your dream fence.