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The Most Famous of Fences in 2019

We wouldn’t be anywhere without them – the fences that have inspired the reason that the Taylor Fencing team is the best in the business. It’s so important to us. There are so many cool things going on in the industries that we’re associated with. Notice that we said industries. Plural. How on earth else could our current veterans and newcomers know that this blog is the go-to-stop for the reasons and ways that premium fences can fit into the scheme of your dream home? Thought about it for a minute? We know, there’s no way. This blog and our Website both mean a lot to us because communicating with every prospective and customer– in the Information Age no less – is paramount. So, we will always get creative and today that means that we’re sharing beautiful examples of current and past fences that inspire the products that we design and install. Read on for more information:

Let’s start right here at home. Many of us are familiar with the Dingo Fence. It’s almost 5,640 km long and it’s one of the longest fences in the world. If you want to put it in perspective, you can compare it to the distance between London and New York City. The name has a special meaning – the fence actually kept dingoes out of the farmland, as early as the 19th century, so that they didn’t disturb cities, people and livestock in Southeast Australia. While technology and architecture has evolved, the fence is still here. It’s an expensive one, though – almost $1 million a year in upkeep.

Traveling across the globe to Britain, Hadrian’s Wall is next up. It’s slightly shorter than the Dingo Fence – but still an impressive 117.5 km. Hadrian was the emperor of Britain during the Roman occupation back in 122 BC. Think about construction these days (and especially the turbo speed of Taylor Fencing) and put this into perspective – this wall took six years to build. It’s a historic landmark today that separates Scotland and England. Millions of tourists visit it every year. A common belief is that back then, Hadrian did not want “Barbarians” intruding – hence the wall.

This next one is no longer around, but when it was, it definitely created a controversy. Some may even say that it was the reason behind the Cold War back in the 1980s. It had been around for 20 years at that point – constructed in 1961. It separated Germany into East and West. Many wonder who was behind it. It was the Eastern Blog powers who wanted to protect citizens from “West German Fascist.” Back then, it was a common belief that they would hinder growth of socialist states. The wall was finally torn down in 1990, and pieces of it are still very valuable today.

This one is for all of our romantics, who will probably sigh when they see this reference. Paris is already known as the City of Love. What better way to enhance this than a barrier like the Lock Fence? Find a mate and seal your love by signing a lock and adding it to the fence. While it sounds historic, it took a turn for the worse and became coincidentally even more popular in 2014, when so many couples added locks, that it caused a portion of the fence to collapse. It didn’t hurt anyone… well, maybe a few hearts. Know how to avoid that? You work with Taylor Fencing, so you know your fence – no matter how much load it bears – is with you and your loved ones for life.

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoglu’s Aquarium Fence. Say that ten times fast. Now try and envision exactly what that would look like. Much, much newer than the Berlin Wall, the Leader of Turkey had this fence erected as recently as 2013. Here’s what makes it special… it had an aquarium built right in! Fish, eels, whatever you would see at any other aquarium is right at home in this unique fence.

We’ve discussed this one before, but it’s a staple and we’d be remiss if we didn’t keep reminding our readers of the Great Wall of China! This is an oldie but a goodie and another wall or fence, that sees thousands and thousands of visitors (and sometimes runners!) each and every day. We won’t necessarily jump on the runner’s chain, but we do give all of the props to those who traverse this great distance at high altitude. This one took a long time to build (the opposite of how we work at Taylor Fencing – no plug intended), but the Ming Dynasty is really when this work of art and structure came to be. It protected the entire Chinese Empire from many different variables – nomads, military and other outside forces. Go and see it? Send us pictures? It’s the perfect example of how history dictates our future and evolution as a company.

And finally, let’s give fair appreciation for our friends in New Zealand. The Bra Fence has become a full-blown obsession and for good reason. Everyday objects have combined to create somewhat of a cultural icon for the country. You name it, it’s probably there. Teapot? Yes. Rubber welly? Mmmhmmm. Toilet parts? Unfortunately, so. But you’re probably wondering how it got its name. It began in 1999 and ever since then, dozens and dozens of brassieres have begun to appear on the wire fence. We’re sure that there are so many stories that have been a result of journeys to this fence…

As mentioned above, we draw inspiration from everywhere we possibly can. You probably noticed that if you peruse our site. All that matters are the foundational basics of quality, sustainability and durability – which you will see in each and every product that we carry (tailored specifically to you of course).

Questions? Comments? Always, always let us know. The team at Taylor Fencing is excited to hear from you.