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Tis the Season for Taylor Fencing

We know, we know, it feels like it was just April. It was just freezing cold with torrential downpours, a need for galoshes and rainboots and an increased incentive to stay in on the couch. It feels like every year goes faster and faster and whenever you blink, it’s already time for the next season or holiday. Well, the ultimate holiday season is upon us and thanks to marketing and retail operations, the adverts have kicked off even earlier than we’ve seen before. No sooner do the holidays begin for schools than we’re already planning the best ways to deck the halls at home or even at work. But listen, the team at Taylor Fencing is not complaining. In fact, it’s one of our favourite times of the year and for many different reasons. It’s a great reminder for us to come together as a team, as a company and as an industry to celebrate the reason that we’re here in the first place – and that reason is you. We got into the business of premium fencing installations because we knew that there’s a need and we know that the need of our customers leads supreme above all else. We don’t even think of our customers as customers. We think of them like family. That’s the reason that we stood up this little blog, a reminder for ourselves of the passion that we have for our products, our services and our craft. For those that are newer to our business, to our site and to our blog, consider us your one-stop shop not only for information related to fencing, but all information related to turning your house into a home.

All sap aside, it’s time to talk about what you can expect on the Taylor Fencing blog over the coming weeks. Not only do we consider this an important time of year, but a joyous one. Let’s cover off on the important stuff first.

The Taylor Fencing team is dedicated to giving back. We know that this is a time of year that can amplify any sort of social or economic issue and that not everyone is so fortunate. We strongly recommend that our valued community of friends and customers join us in exploring some of the best local organizations to reach out to. Not sure where to start your research? Here are our two cents:

Tis the Season for Taylor Fencing - volunteer

Volunteer in Melbourne

Time Out Melbourne had some good ideas. Here’s their full list but as an overview, the five organizations that they recommend volunteering with include Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES), Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Edgar’s Mission, Mind Australia and Secret Heart Mission. Each tackle a special and important issue and have a myriad of ways that you can contribute. A common misconception is that the contributing you need to assist with is always monetary based. That’s not the case. In fact, it can mean so much to an organization to have your time and your energy on board. Most of these companies and organizations are run solely with volunteers, so believe us – they’ll appreciate anything that you can provide!

Act on Your Best Manners

It’s also an important time to remind our extended family about what really matters this holiday season. We’re rooted in this as a team at Taylor Fencing because all products are designed and installed to keep what’s important to you safe. Whether it’s due to one of our chain mesh fences, an electronic gate, a COLORBOND fence or any one of the products that we offer, they’re all designed and installed to keep what’s valuable and important to you safe from outsiders. That’s just our business model, but our culture as a company stands for transparency, trust, kindness and consistency. We try to live each of these behaviours on a daily basis and sometimes it can be challenging. We push ourselves to know that every teammate always has positive intent, is always continuing to learn and really cares about the work that we do. This season is an important reminder that these types of actions and behaviours should extend to everyone that we reach in our personal lives. We have made promises, not just during the holiday season, but all-year-round to treat our family and friends the same ways. If that’s tough to do year-round (we know, challenging friends and family members do abound), at least aim to act on your best manners for the next six-ish weeks.

Tis the Season for Taylor Fencing - celebrate holidays

Celebrate the Holidays

That’s the important stuff – at least most of it. Time for the best ways to be joyous! We’ll share a bundle of different posts on the blog about the best ways to celebrate 2018. It has been one for the books (we know, we know, we say it every year), but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Maybe you’ve accomplished huge milestones this year, or maybe you’ve made goals that you continue to pursue. Maybe it’s a home renovation and that’s why you’ve made the smart decision to stop by the Taylor Fencing blog. (Hey, we’re just spit balling here). Maybe you’ve made a leap of faith in the health arena and you’re going to finally attempt that long race you’ve been talking about for decades. It doesn’t matter what the goal is or has been, the Taylor Fencing team is a proud proponent of the year that you’ve had to date, and we think that it’s time for you to celebrate.

So, back to all those ways that we’re going to suggest that you take advantage of this season. You’ll just have to wait and see as we have lots of great content ahead, here on the Taylor Fencing blog. Need a teaser? We’re talking about the best ways to have a holiday bash, the best ways to communicate with the aforementioned difficult relatives and alas, the best ways to clean up after all of the celebrations and go into the new year fresh. We know that it’s going to be a great 2019 (almost the roaring 20s again!) and we’re excited to kick it off with you.