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Different Types of Locks and Latches for your Gates and Fences

Different Types of Locks and Latches for your Gates and FencesWe’re getting very detailed today. We know that we spend a lot of time talking about the different ways that a fence fits into the broader picture of your dream home. It’s a big deal – don’t get us wrong. After all, a fence is what introduces your visitors to your property and leaves a lasting impression when you leave. When done right… it’s the best. When not done to the best of intent… a sub-par fence will leave visitors shaking their heads and wondering how they can improve their properties. Well… they’re probably wondering how they can work with the Taylor Fencing team. When you work with the Taylor Fencing team, you know that your fence will be the best in the business. You also know that within a few clicks, you can visit the Taylor Fencing Website – and our blog specifically – and learn everything that you possibly need to know about anything related to fencing.

Locks and latches are both related to fencing. Most of the time, they’re a little bit of an afterthought. A fence can be seen as a check-off as you design your dream home. You’ve built the home, you’ve landscaped the surrounding areas, and you’re simply ready to move in and start the next chapter of your life. You’ve most likely been displaced during the process, stressed about the money that is coming out of your pocket and perhaps even upset about the tension put on the relationships you have with those that are closest to you. We’ve set it before and we’ll say it again. Moving, building, changing chapters in your life – these are all huge shifts and stressors on your life. So, we want to make it as easy as possible for you and that means sharing all of the information that will help you streamline big changes like this. Today, we’re talking about the minutiae, specially, about the different types of locks and latches that you can take advantage of on your gates and fences. Read on for more information:

The number one goal is to secure your fence. It’s the reason why we got into the business to begin with. We want to keep you safe, we want to keep you secure, we want to keep you educated.

But, it’s not as easy as simply walking into a store or talking to an expert about your favourite style. Your locks and latches need to mesh well with the material that you’ve chosen for your fence. There are so many different styles out there. Believe us, we represent a lot of them. We have styles that work well with contemporary homes, we have styles that work best with period-style homes, we have it all. Our Website is just the tip of the iceberg as we discuss different styles of fences. To really understand the wealth of options that we have for you, we always recommend that our current and prospective customers simply reach out to us.

Alright… here we go!

Our first magic number is three… and that’s the number of categories of gate latches that you should be able to choose from as you traverse the industry.

Gravity is the first up: No, we’re not talking about the movie starring Sandra Bullock. This latch is named simply for its popular operation mechanism. It simply takes gravity to close the lock. Think of it as a giant barricade that uses its force through the swing to push the arm of the latch past the strike plate. And then, it falls right into the catch. A lot of areas where Mother Nature offers a ton of wind and weather take advantage of this option, because the weather really does the work for you. The drawback? Not a ton of security… Those that choose this model often add a second deadbolt or slide bolt to ensure that everything important to you is safe and sound.

On to the next. Let’s talk about Spring Loaded. Instead of depending on gravity, this lock leverages a spring in order to close. It’s a little bit more expensive and appeals to a different audience. This model is smoother on the handle, when you open or close a gate. They’re always two-sided – so whether you’re coming or going, you have no problem operating. It’s just as simple to operate. All you need to do is allow the latch arm to snap into place, thanks to the pressure put on the spring. Voila! The arm is secured. We just talked about security with our gravity model, and it’s a good conversation to have here as well. You just need to do your homework on the different model that you’re deciding upon. Installation can be easy, it can be difficult. It can be simple, it can be complex. It can be the most secure, or it can be a great solution for low-risk areas, like playpens, or areas where items are stored.

While there are a ton of different models we could dive into, what kind of blog would we be if we gave all of the information away up front? Instead, we thought that we would share one more sort of latch or lock today for you to learn about. We thought we would culminate with the most prominent out in the market and that’s the Bolt Latch. We’re sure that it rings a bell and that you’re nodding your head, realizing exactly what we’re talking about. There’s a reason that the saying, “bolt the door” is so popular. It’s traditional, it’s easy to use, and it gets the job done. How does it work? All you need to do is slide the rod into the securing bolt. That’s what holds the door or the fence in place. They’re generally only one-sided, so you need to secure them from the inside. They’re often reinforced with padlocks for extra levels of security. You can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so the style of your architecture isn’t a deal breaker.

Questions? Please reach out to Taylor Fencing. Come back and check out more information about locks and latches in future posts.