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Can a Vinyl Fence Prevent Pests From Coming In?

Can a Vinyl Fence Prevent Pests From Coming InHere at Taylor Fencing, we’re passionate about fences and all the benefits they bring to our customers. That is why we partner today with Fantastic Pest Control to discuss one such use – preventing pests from coming into your yard. Can a vinyl fence help you out with that?

What kinds of pests can come into your yard?

Urban environments are host to an incredible amount of pests. Whether you live in a city centre or the suburbs, you will deal with the same problems – rats, mice, cockroaches, and ants run rampant.

Alexander Crawley, a consultant at the Australian Fantastic Pest Control Company, tells us, “There are certain pests that prefer the suburban environments, such as possums. These environments allow them easy access to food and shelter without all the stress of urban living.” While mice and rats are more or less universal, possums are notorious for their house preferences. “Brushtail possums love to make their home in the attic or under the house,” adds the expert. “They are challenging to deal with once they get in because it’s illegal to harm them in most states. The best policy is to prevent them from coming in in the first place,” Crawley concludes.

Aside from mice, rats, and possums, stray animals may also wander into your yard or garden in search of food. Cats and dogs often wander into people’s property and make a mess. The last thing you want is for a stray dog to come in and have a field day in your carefully cultivated garden!

Can a vinyl fence help and how?

Vinyl is an excellent fencing material. It offers a myriad of benefits in terms of efficiency. It’s not very expensive, it’s very durable, and it’s easy to maintain. Because it’s a smooth material, it makes it nearly impossible for animals to climb it. And cleaning your vinyl fence would take minimal effort.

The reasons listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily build a vinyl fence relatively high to avoid those pesky jumping animals and keep them at bay. Even high jumpers would have a hard time getting through and, in most cases, animals don’t bother if the task seems too challenging.

Because vinyl is so durable, it ensures the fence’s longevity. It would be especially effective against smaller pests if there aren’t any gaping parts (around the area of the door). Mice and rats are notorious for their ability to go through the smallest of openings. However, bigger animals such as possums would have almost no chance of getting in.

Combine a good vinyl fence with a well-maintained yard and no branches sticking out over the fence, and you’ll significantly increase the chances of remaining pest-free. For the best results,  integrate the fence into an overall pest-proofing routine.

What’s your experience with vinyl fences? Reach out with any questions. The Taylor Fencing team is available by phone or email. We look forward to working with you.