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What Happens to Your Fences When You Update?

What Happens to Your Fences When You Update?Here at Taylor Fencing, we feel like we’re moving in the right direction as far as sustainability goes. We’re not just talking about our company – instead, we’re looking at our industry and beyond. We’re thrilled that we work in a day and age where sustainability and minimalizing your carbon footprint is a common practice, and we’ll jump on that bandwagon any day. A lot of people – current customers, prospective customers, interested customers and more – are dissuaded if they see the major headlines where they think that being kind to the environment is a heavy lift, or if there’s a lot of homework to be done in advance. These are myths, and we’re here to bust them. It’s one of the many reasons that the team at Taylor Fencing thought that it would be a good idea to begin this blog.

We already knew that we had an amazing business model. We already knew that we’re the best in the business because we care about a few different things: you, you, and oh yeah – you. Customer service is a mainstay around here, and that will never change. In the office, on the phone, via email, basically however you want to be communicated to… we’re here and always will be. But then we figured, let’s take it to the next level. We’re a fast, and information-based generation, so the internet and everything that comes with it, is key. In that vein, we knew that we had to jump on board and stand up a blog that would truly serve as a one stop shop for everything you ever need to know about fencing. The right product? Yup. How to care for your existing fence? Absolutely. The right ways to repair and replace? Psh… just check our archive. And it goes beyond that. Fences (quality ones) are a piece of the puzzle as far as a house that you’re turning into a home. We take a broader look on this blog about the cog in the wheel that fence installations can be for you!

While you can explore a myriad of types of posts on the Taylor Fencing blog, we’re getting back to our roots today. We’re taking a look at our broad population and speaking specifically to those who are thinking about updating or enhancing their fences. A big question that we get more and more is, “what will happen to our fences if we decide to make shifts or adjustments?” Luckily for you, that information is right here on the Taylor Fencing blog.

Let’s dive in.

So, you have an existing fence that is not from Taylor Fencing

You’re looking to make updates or switch it out entirely, but you’re worried about where the materials will end up. Normal, and dare we say – responsible – reaction. Many of our prospective customers see the work ahead as daunting, and so they put it off all together. We totally understand that. Information like this isn’t prominently displayed on a lot of different Websites and blogs, so it frequently feels like the easy way out to simply avoid doing any work on your home at all. We’ll kick off our advice with this… you need a Taylor Fencing fence! There are so many reasons that they’re industry bests. We do our homework, we take our time and we listen to your feedback. There are so many styles on the site to choose from, so it truly does not matter what the architectural style of your home may be. We promise – we have a custom solution for you. Bonus? We’ll help take care of your existing fence and ensure that the materials are put in to the right hands.

So, you have an existing fence that IS from Taylor Fencing

Well first of all, good for you. You already made a fantastic decision. Having the utmost faith in the durability and the quality of the products that we put on our Website and in our showrooms has been paramount in the confidence that we have in what we’re able to offer our valued base of customers. It doesn’t matter what your needs were, we’re happy that we’re able to rise to the challenge. While we have all of the faith that our fences will last you a lifetime and beyond, we also know that tastes change, trends happen, and there’s always the possibility that you’ll move and someone new will move into your home (lucky them). In our experience and time spent in the industry, we’ve been lucky enough to make all kinds of connections and learn all sorts of things that we may not have known otherwise. This includes exactly where our materials, and others that make up your dream home, can go when they’re ready to move on to their next chapter. Here’s a great place to start. This site focuses on Melbourne but takes a keen look at the best places around you to recycle all sorts of items, materials, etc., including those that make up our fences!

So, you have yet to install a fence, but you’re thinking ahead

Again, way to go! Remaining proactive in every aspect of the business and industry is just another way that the Taylor Fencing team sets itself apart from competitors. This circles directly back to the reason that we began this blog, AND the reason that we designed our Website the way that we did. We knew that we wanted to get the important information to you in easily accessible, comprehensive and palatable ways. This doesn’t just mean products and our team – it means the entire picture. It also means the life cycle of whatever quality fence installation that you choose. Be it our COLORBOND fences, a motorised gate, a picket fence or one of the many, many others to choose from – you’re set up for success if you’re thinking in the long term. Rest assured, as with all of the content in this article, that if you have questions, we’re there for you however and wherever you need us.