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What’s Going on at Home in May?

what's going on in MayYou clicked on the title and you thought we’d have all of the answers, didn’t you? We can’t fault you for that, the Taylor Fencing team should always have all of the answers that you need. Not just when we’re talking about your fences, but the homes that they guard and everything that’s going on inside. We know that this takes on a huge amount of responsibility, but we feel like we’re up for the task, especially after working for decades to be the best part of your property. While you may not be installing custom fence and gate solutions right now, you’re probably still very interested about as much home news as possible.

You’re sitting at your computer; you’re looking at your phone – maybe you’re doing both. We’re guessing that you’re over the news around Tiger King or the best sweatpants to wear at home. Good for you! We’re here to support, and one of the ways that we can do so is providing you with all of the information that you find entertaining and informative, right from the comfort of your home.

Once a month (for those that haven’t visited the Taylor Fencing blog before), we take the time to peruse the World Wide Web. We see a lot of news that we don’t think is valuable. We see a lot of news that we don’t agree with. But, more than either of those, we see a ton of information that we think, “yes!” “Our readers and customers (and prospective customers) would love to learn about that!” Piqued your interest? We figured as much. If you read on, you can learn about our favourite finds on the internet just these past couple of weeks.

Looking for information on a different topic? Have questions about one of the articles? Think that a conversation with a professional would help get you inspired right about now? We can help with all of the above. Give us a call, shoot us an email or reach out via our Website. We’re here, we’re passionate and we’re ready to help and educate.

How to Plant Organic Vegetables

You’re most likely stuck at home, but “stuck” is the word that we have an issue here. This is the best time to inspire you to get after all of those projects that you’ve been thinking about completing for forever. And we’re big fans of the outdoors and getting whatever fresh air you can. (Bonus – you can see your beautiful fences at a much closer vantage point) (And spoiler… maybe even plant around them).

Well, that gave this article away. This Old House is sharing a ton of information about different elements of your garden and landscaping that you can focus on right now and really give some tender loving care. Even if you haven’t dived into the organic vegetables pond yet, you can still learn about why some think that they’re a) so important and b) such an important part of your garden. Check out this link for more information.

Building a Forever Home for a Veteran

We always love sharing heartwarming stories and now more than ever. There are really good people in our community and we know that most of the time, they don’t get the love that they deserve. They’re not asking for it – that’s what makes them so incredible, but jokes on them… we love showcasing what’s going on well in the world – here and around the globe. Our veterans have provided hundreds – no, thousands, of hours of their time. And in some countries, they run into challenges when they come home, especially when it comes to building or living in their dream home.

Well, some places are sitting up and taking notice. Habitat for Humanity – an organization that is especially prolific about building homes that are for those that don’t have the means to spend or build, is now taking it to the next level, by building a home for a veteran in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA – their first in the history of the organization. What would normally take a month took a week, according to the Construction Manager of the area- Jeremy Reed. “For me, this specific project hits home, because I am a veteran,” Reed said. “I have a lot of veterans in my family. My father, my father in law, my sister in law are all veterans. This project is a major one that I want to see go through the whole way.” Learn more about the project and how you can get involved here.

23 Terrible Home Design Mistakes That Shrink Your Space

Thirdly, we wanted to take a look inwards to your home and talk through some ways to get inspired. We assume that you’re probably pretty cramped in your home. Even if you live by yourself, or with a pet, you’re confined to a certain space and that means that you start to look at it in a certain way. You see a painting on the wall in a certain way and you start to hate it. You embrace the idea to inject money into small businesses around the world and you start to buy tonnes of things that you really don’t need. We get it and so does this article.

But it’s time to simplify and there are many different tips that you can follow so that your space doesn’t seem quite as claustrophobic. It’s not even right now, in general, you may be chasing a certain design plan for the inside of your home that you’re totally in love with, but doesn’t work quite as well as you’d hoped for your home. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. The tips are simple, including push furniture against the wall, paint a wall a dark colour (believe us, they have science behind it) and many more. Read this page if you think this is right up your alley.

Phew! Lots of information, right? As we mentioned, please continue to reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. We’re here for you in every way, whether you’re a current, a prospective, a past customer or just interested in learning more!