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When Fences Go Wrong

While we live to tell the success stories of fences in general, the industries that we play a part in and our products specifically – it would behoove us if we didn’t think about the other side of the coin on the Taylor Fencing blog. We’re speaking specifically about the horror stories, the opportunities for improvement and everything in-between. This is never to throw anyone under the bus. In fact, we only have the greatest respect and admiration for those that we work with. We can only succeed when our competitors do, and our business only grows when our customers have the most positive of experiences. We learn from each other and we give the right feedback so that we can all grow and learn.

That’s why this blog is the best way for us to catapult what should get to our valued base of customers in the fastest way. We spread a wealth of product knowledge, of process knowledge, of service knowledge and beyond. And sometimes that doesn’t mean success stories. So, we do tend to have a little bit of fun on a regular basis. While it’s not Halloween (a great American tradition), it is heading into colder weather, and that’s the perfect time of year to see fences fall or fail. Here are some of the most prolific and popular stories that we’ve seen on the World Wide Web as of late:

When animals get stuck…

When Fences Go WrongNone of the animal advocacy organizations would be pleased and we assume that no best-in-class fence installation company would be either. Just recently, two police officers rescued an opossum, whose… dare we say, sensitive parts… were stuck in a fence. A resident who was understandably concerned passed by and called the appropriate authorities, when the animal in distress was seen in the slats of a backyard fence. Thanks to newer technology and resources, there was machinery that was able to extract the animal safely and nurse it back to health. This is just one example of many over the recent months and years of when fences aren’t installed properly or safely. When they are, there should never be any way that anything of importance would be able to escape and any threats should be allowed to make their way in. You can learn more on this topic, including other examples, here.

When it’s a question of stability…

Well… that means that you’re not working with the Taylor Fencing team. If you were, you’d know that durability, stability, quality and cost should be of equal importance for any product available in the fencing industry (and beyond!). But sometimes, that’s simply not the case. Instead, we’ve seen time after time that there are different vendors or companies who tend to cut corners. And in unfortunate circumstances, that means missing entire pieces of the engineering missing. When this occurs, it opens up any property to anyone walking by. An unfortunate example of this would be a recent story when a full generator was stolen after a break-in. While the generator was only valued at $300 and the fence damage was right around $100, the emotional damage and the knowledge obtained to learn from was priceless. You can learn more on this topic, here. 

When it’s a matter of safety…

You can never be too careful. This ties directly back to the materials that the Taylor Fencing team uses and how long they should last for. The answer is – for generations and generations! We want your fence to be the best amplifier of curb appeal that you can ask for and the best way to up the ante of the value of your home. While we do put a supplementary emphasis on how good it looks, the reason that we started designing fences to begin with, was to ensure safety and stability for all of our customers. We have no political opinion on any “fence” situations around the world, but we do feel like we have an obligation to still share all of the facts and stories that we can find. This article is a perfect example. Specific to this article, “With the current flow of Central Americans, and with our administration abiding by the most extreme lower court opinions, all the assets we throw at our border will actually be marshalled into facilitating the invasion rather than deterring it.” The article goes on to highlight someone working for the government that is bringing in illegal aliens from behind the border. You can learn more on this topic, here.

When you just really need your dose of pop culture…

You turn to reality TV shows like The Bachelor. The original version spawned many offshoots and other iterations around the world. But none profiled fences like the American version this week, when bachelor Colton Underwood made Bachelor history by literally jumping the fence after he was dumped by his prospective love. Even the host of the show, Chris Harrison, was shell-shocked, having never seen anything like it in his more than 20+ years of hosting the show. What ensued was an epic chase through the Portugal countryside, as not even the police could track down the famous bachelor. As objective viewers, it did not appear like there were any issues with the stability, quality, aesthetics, etc., but it does make for amazing entertainment viewing when anybody is able to jump over an eight-foot fence. You can learn more about this topic, here.

We hope that this instils reasoning for prospective and current customers to make all of the right decisions when it comes to adding your dream fence to your property. It’s the first thing that all visitors see when they arrive, and the very last thing that they see when they leave. So, yes – it’s important.

Questions? Comments? Let the team at Taylor Fencing know. We’d love to hear from you and begin to understand the best way to bring your dream fencing installation to life.