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Working in a Family Business Successfully

Working in a Family Business SuccessfullyThe Taylor Fencing team loves the word family. We love it for an abundance of reasons, which we’ll share today on the Taylor Fencing blog. First of all, we’re so thrilled that you and your families – however we define them, have stopped by our site and our blog. It’s definitely a time to appreciate those in your community and we definitely consider you a part of yours. You may have stopped by because you are ready to take advantage of all of the benefits that a new, premium fence will offer. If so, that’s wonderful. We have the best in the industry and can work with you on what makes sense for your property. You may have stopped by our site because you’re slowly dipping your toe in the home renovation pool and just starting to think about pursuing one. You are the audience that is preaching to our team members – each of whom, we’re sure, hesitated at some point when they were preparing for a home renovation. These projects can be expensive and time-consuming, but they can also be completely worth it. Since we know that fences are just one piece of the puzzle of your home, we continue to commit to being experts about your home and the industry in general. And finally, maybe that’s why you’ve stopped by the site – you’re here to learn. You picked the right place and we welcome all of you.

Back to the word family – the theme of today’s post. Family can mean those you grew up with, those you live with now, those you choose to spend time with and those that choose to spend time with you. We know that you give thanks for them every day, especially now, and want to take the very best care of them. That’s how we feel about the same audiences, but we’re lucky that we get to combine a few of them. That’s because we’re a family-run company.

Why? You may ask. We decided to be a family-run company from the minute of our inception for a few different reasons:

  • Integrity – you should always have it in the workplace, and in life in general, but when you work with family members, you know that they’re always going to be aware of if you’re telling the truth. We pass that directly on to our community of customers because we see you as a family as well. When you work in any team, but a family-centric one specifically, you’re all responsible for the wins and the opportunities for growth. When one of us makes a mistake, we tell each other and we fix it. When one of us goes above and beyond to do something right, you better believe that we are very good at celebrating all together. And the great thing is? We do a lot more celebrating than we do having tough conversations – in part because we have such wonderful customers.
  • Legacy – it’s been amazing to watch different generations of our family members contribute not only to the day-to-day work, but evolving the processes that we have and channelling new materials and ways to work that our founders would never have thought of. We couldn’t be prouder when we can see the growth of our company, and know that it’s due in part to our younger generations of employees and members of the Taylor Fencing family.
  • Trust – similar to integrity, we know that we can always trust anyone that we hire, and you should as well. Whether it’s someone that’s directly associated with our family, or someone who is well and truly vouched for, putting the Taylor Fencing seal of approval on any contractor, worker, employee, you have it, that shows up at your home or business – you can rest a little bit more easily because we’ve most definitely done our homework.
  • Teamwork – This is different from the above objectives because it can’t necessarily be assumed. We’re sure that there are parts of your family that simply don’t get along. If not, we’d definitely like to meet and study your family. It’s normal, and it’s healthy, as long as disagreement occurs in small doses that are solved through communication. The team at Taylor Fencing will never pretend that we get along all of the time and that’s to your benefit. When we disagree, it’s because we’re thinking through the best solutions for you. And if one of our team members has a better idea for a fence, given a sloped lot of your property, or found a more cost-effective material, knowing that sustainability is very important to you, we can do nothing but be proud and pleased.
  • The local touch – we love where we live and we know that you do as well. It’s why we moved here in the first place and why we just can’t seem to move away. That said, when you live in an area long enough, you become responsible for its perception with others, especially those that are moving in for the first time. We talked about this enough, but want to reiterate our interest and continued passion to learn about the industry at-large. That most definitively means whatever area you live in or are moving into and you better believe that we’ve done our homework and know a lot about the area. We’re not just talking about the easiest to find Web articles; more so, we’re thinking through how your home or business is situated in terms of other properties. Or, we’re thinking about the weather patterns in your area, so that whatever fence solution you decide upon, it’s been with close counsel.

We figured this was a timely post, and hopefully a motivating one. If you’re looking for a premium fencing solution, we’re here and available in all of the usual methods. If you’re looking to discuss what we’re clearly passionate about, please call or email us. And bottom line – take care of your family right now, whoever they may be.