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Working with the Experts on Retaining Walls

retaining wall contractors, retaining wall specialistsThere are so many different components and elements to building a home.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived there for ten years or if it’s a home that you’ve driven past a dozen times and that you know is going to be your next dream property. Having that vision is one thing, working with the right pros to ensure that when you move in, it’s exactly what you were looking for, is another. The work may be minimal, or you might have planned to invest a fair amount of your nest egg to bring your vision to life.

What does this have to do with fences? Well, as you may have seen in past posts, the Taylor Fencing team does not believe that a fence is a one-and-done for your dream home. Sure, it does need to be premium. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, it needs to last you far longer than you plan on living in the home and make you and your household smile when you come and go on a long day. We stand for support of building your dream home and learning about every piece that’s going to bring it to life.

Today, that means retaining walls.

We’ve talked about them previously on this site, but we haven’t talked about those that you’re going to work with in order for the work to be a success. You can check the box and say that you’ve constructed one, or you can really dive in to how and why they work.

If you’re brand-new to the site (first of all, welcome!), you may be wondering what on earth a retaining wall is and why it’s so important. We’re with you on that one. There are so many architectural components to both the construction of your home and the landscaping that you don’t ask questions about. We assume that the experts know best and don’t ask the questions that will help you understand exactly what’s going in to the design of your home. Well… at least you did before you started reading the Taylor Fencing blog…

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains any soil behind it. There are multiple different types of building materials that you’ll see being used to create retaining walls. Just a few examples include: treated timbers, concrete blocks, poured concrete, rocks or boulders. Some of these are easy to use and install on your property, while others may have a shorter life span. Don’t worry – they all still meet the basic requirement of retaining soil and keeping your home safe and sound.

Is this sounding familiar? Like we said, it’s probably because we’ve discussed this at length on the site before and for good reason. Especially if you live on a sloped property, you’re going to want to ensure that when the rain comes, it’s not an issue for you – thanks to whatever retaining wall that you’ve chosen.

You’re saying, “alright, alright, we get it, we’ll get a retaining wall, especially because we’ve put so much money in this property and see it as an important investment – both emotionally and financially.” Smart, says the Taylor Fencing team. But the next piece of today’s post is really about the team that are going to do all of the important work behind installing the retaining wall, specifically the retaining wall specialists and the retaining wall contractors. Let’s walk you through each and why they’re so important in this process.

Retaining Wall Contractors and Specialists

First things first, unfortunately – and we mean this, because we love encouraging our prospective customers to complete home renovation projects by themselves – this is most likely not one of them. It’s not that we don’t have all of the faith in the world in you to bring your dream home to life, but there are just projects where if you have the funds, the time and the calm to let the professionals do it. It’s just not worth it if you don’t do it correctly or up to code and honestly – it will just stress you and your household out further over time. It doesn’t really cost that much and the trade-off is a job beautifully well-done while you relax or focus on your real life while the experts do what they were trained to do.

That’s where your retaining wall contractors and specialists come in. Sounds like the same role, doesn’t it? Well, they’re not, although they complement each other heavily. Retaining wall contractors are most likely brought in on a part-time basis, helping to solve very specific needs and questions. Retaining wall specialists on the other hand will be there on a regular basis, and with a much closer proximity to the property and everything that it needs. Specialists are more generalized for lack of a better term and if they run into unique situations or properties, they’re likely to either reach out directly or talk to you about bringing in contractors to do the actual, physical work, while the specialists look at the bigger picture, the gaps in what you need and who exactly should be brought onsite to solve any challenges.

Between both, you’ll have a dream team, especially with the team at Taylor Fencing helping navigate who you should work with and when. We have an extensive network of both retaining wall contractors and retaining wall specialists in our database, and we’ve vetted them heavily. We always want to ensure that they have the same priorities and values that we do – and always have. This means that they treat you with respect, explain all of the work that they’re doing, answer any questions that you may have, communicate early and often, and provide the best work possible – with the best materials for the retaining walls (working closely with us) and a quick and cost-effective timeline.

As you’ll see with all of our jobs, our customers come first. That means that retaining wall contractors and specialists we work with feel exactly the same way.