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Worth the Money to Repair? Let’s Find Out

Worth the Money to Repair? Let’s Find OutThere’s no way around it, homes are expensive. It doesn’t matter if you live on a 20-acre property, or crammed into a one-bedroom apartment, the costs associated with your living space will likely take up a vast majority of your regular budget. It’s not by design, it’s just that there are that many pieces of the puzzle that require regular upkeep. Sure, there are band aid fixes. And things that you can ignore for months on end, because they’re “nice to have’s” or “not ENTIRELY necessary’s. But we’re not going to include your fence in that category. Your fence is an integral part of the design of your home. If it looks pretty and proper, great! That’s an added benefit. But first and foremost, your fence was designed and installed to keep you, your loved ones and your valuables safe from intrusion and harm.

If you’ve had your fence for longer than a decade, and sometimes a much shorter length of time, chances are that it has seen some wear and tear. It doesn’t matter what material it was constructed from, weather and general life have probably negatively impacted it.

You have options here. You’re not required to purchase a new fence on any particular cadence. This is not one of those checklists that you need to refer back to every five years, every ten years or every time that the home goes through new hands. Instead, it’s up to you to be strategic and weigh the pros and the cons when it comes to updating or replacing your fence.

First up are some obvious red flags. If strong winds or rain have torn through portions of the fence, rendering it useless for you to use, yes- unfortunately, it’s time for you to get a new one. If any of the hardware has broken beyond repair, or you can’t find that particular hardware model anymore, yes- it’s time for you get a new one. Finally, if any pieces of the fence have come apart and are now unsafe for passersby, especially younger children, it is most definitely time for you to replace your fence.

That’s one end of the spectrum. The other and all of the gray areas in between may mean that you only have repairs in your near future, not necessarily an entire replacement of your fence. When in doubt here, feel free to give the Taylor Fencing team a shout. We’re more than happy to come out, take a look and help you outline several options for next steps. And honestly, if the damage is none of the above, and you’re happy with the size and style of your fence, repairing it may just be worth the money. You can feel comfortable with the Taylor Fencing team, because we will never shortchange you. We will walk you through all of the available options and make the decision that makes the most sense for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.